4 Essential Tips for Dressing For The Workplace


Regardless of where you work, the way that you dress can affect the way you’re perceived.  Although it may not make any difference in your work performance, it can make a bad impression on management, and possibly even give your business a bad name.

As society evolves, it can be tricky knowing exactly what is and what isn’t acceptable to wear to work.  Even though casual workwear is becoming more and more acceptable, you should still understand the traditional expectations of dressing for the office.

Here are some of the most important tips to follow when choosing your outfit for work. 

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Even though it may be hot outside, that doesn’t always mean it’s time to pull out your shortest dress and tiniest tank tops.  As a general rule of thumb, you can wear a tank top if it’s paired with a cardigan.  That way you’re not bearing your arms.

If you’re wearing a dress, be sure to wear pantyhose or wear the skirt at a low enough length.  Unless your office has specifically given the okay for shorts, you’re best off assuming that they’re not acceptable to wear.

Read The Employee Manual

When you’re hired, most companies will provide you with an employee handbook.  Included, you’ll usually find rules about dress attire.  They may not be the same for every office, so you’re better off checking ahead of time instead of assuming it will be like your last place of employment.

During your interview, get a chance to feel out the work attire among the employees.  Take note of whether they seem quite conservative or more relaxed.  Take some hints by observing what everyone else seems to be doing.  That way you’ll show up knowing whether you should wear a three-piece suit or slacks and a shirt.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Shoes are often overlooked when people get dressed for work.  It’s important that they aren’t just professional, but that you’re able to work in them.  If your job requires you to be on your feet for most of the day, then don’t wear stiletto heels!

However, if you’re meeting with clients for most of the day, then you probably want to wear something more impressionable than sneakers.

Stay Current

You don’t necessarily have to attend all of the latest runway shows to consider yourself current with fashion.  However, you shouldn’t be sporting shirts which look like they should be in a grandmother’s attic.

Try to observe your coworkers and take a look at some fashion blogs.  By staying updated with current trends, you’ll ensure that you’ll give a good impression.  Caring about your appearance is something which shows your employers that you care!

3 Tips For Looking Professional While Still Being Comfortable


When it comes to dressing the part for a job, you might feel like you’re having to sacrifice your own personal style in order to conform to whatever the dress code is for your place of business. But luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can keep your personality while still looking like a career woman, both in the way you dress and in the way you do your hair or makeup. So whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell apartments in an upscale neighborhood or you’re spending the majority of your time sitting at a desk or conference table, here are three tips for looking professional at work while still being comfortable. 

Use The Right Accessories 

Playing with your accessories can help to take your style from drab office wear to something much more fun and exciting. According to Alison Doyle, a contributor to The Balance Careers, the right accessories can either help you play up your look or tone it down a bit, too. By wearing something like a scarf or a fancy statement necklace over something that’s usually more casual, you can show that you’ve put in more thought to your outfit in order to elevate it. On the other hand, by using bright colors or interesting patterns in your accessories while wearing something that’s more traditional for professional wear, you’ll be able to show your style and personality without breaking out of your dress code. 

Embrace The Tuck 

With some simple adjustments to your clothes, it’s easy to make even the most casual of outfits look career ready. According to Jessica Booth, a contributor to The Bustle, one of the best ways to bring your look up to a more professional level is to tuck in the front of your shirt. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a button-down shirt or a t-shirt, tucking in the front of that shirt into your pants right in the center can make your entire look appear more polished and put-together. 

Opt For Clothes That Are Fitted or Tailored 

In addition to tucking in your shirt, Booth also shares that by wearing clothes that are more fitted or tailored to your body, you can make a big difference in how professional you look. If you choose to wear baggy clothes, though likely more comfortable, you can easily look frumpy and unprofessional. But by throwing on a fitted jacket over almost any outfit, the level of professionality from your ensemble will go to a whole new level.

To help you style yourself in a professional manner without having to sacrifice how you feel in your clothes or how you feel about yourself while wearing your clothes, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make minor adjustments and improvement to your professional wardrobe.

4 Common Fashion Faux Pas To Look Out For


Trends can come and go as quickly as the seasons change.  One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out before you know it.  There are some fashion no-no’s that are never in style, however.

It’s important to make sure that you avoid these fashion faux pas to stay on top of your game.

Over Accessorizing

There is nothing like a good accessory to spice up and outfit, bringing a look together as a whole.  You can pull off a fantastic look by wearing a necklace with just about anything or putting on a chunky ring or a sassy pair of glasses.

However, the problem starts to arise when you put too many things together in one look.  Over-accessorizing can come across as campy and leave you looking disheveled and tacky.

Rather than over-doing it, you’re better off going by the timeless motto “less is more.”  You can always add more later, so it’s best to start minimal and work your way there slowly.

Visible Panty Lines

If you’ve ever made the mistake of believing that whatever is under your clothing isn’t visible from the outside, then you probably have made this fashion faux pas.

When you wear a tight pair of clothing or a sheer pair of pants, you should make sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath is hidden.

There is nothing less flattering than wearing a big pair of “granny panties” as they call them which are visible from the outside.  The visible panty line can totally transform a look from fabulous to flop in no time at all.

Always make sure to wear a thong or invisible panty line with tight clothing. Before you leave the house, always make sure that you try to look at yourself from all angles in the mirror to avoid fashion disasters.

Gaping Holes In Button Up Shirts

A lot of people don’t’ realize that they may have grown a few sizes since they last put a button up shirt on.  As a result, they sit down, and their shirt has gaping holes at each buttonhole where it used to be closed.

This isn’t a flattering look at all.  Be sure to wear your true size especially when it’s a button down shirt!

Wrinkly Garments

Don’t be one of those people that thinks they can get away with leaving the house with clothes which have been thrown in a ball for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles will not iron themselves out as the day goes on. You should always steam or iron your shirts rather than going out looking disheveled, especially if you’re going somewhere like work where you want to look your very best! =

4 Tips For Minimizing Your Morning Beauty Routine


Getting up and going every morning isn’t always a quick and easy process for everyone.  Some people aren’t morning people and struggle to find the motivation to get going first thing in the day.

If you’re one of the people who work in a profession where you offer client services face to face, then part of your job is to look presentable and professional.   Unfortunately, this takes effort and can be tricky to achieve in a short amount of time in the mornings.  Therefore, being able to catch up on your sleep but also look fabulous is often a challenge for many women who have busy schedules.

Fear not, however, because there is a way to look great in a shorter amount of time.  Here are some of the best tips for reducing your morning beauty routine so that you can stay in bed just a little longer.

Plan Ahead

Plan your outfit the night before and lay it out ready to go.  Make sure that everything is pressed and ironed and creased as you want it.  Since one of the biggest reasons many women say they’re pressed for time in the mornings is trying to figure out what to wear, you can shave off as many as 30 minutes from your morning routine by choosing what you’ll wear the night before.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a dream come true for the low maintenance woman who also loves looking fabulous.  By giving the impression of wearing makeup without having to apply any, you can hop out of bed and get going without any mascara.

Although it can be pricey over time, it’s often worth it since you can walk out of the house looking like you’ve got makeup when you haven’t lifted a finger.

Grow Your Hair Out

Many people think that having shorter hair means having to do less with it.  However, having shorter hair often means needing to style it daily.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss morning hair routine, then you should consider growing your hair out.  You can quickly throw your hair up in a bun or wear in a low ponytail.  Either one of these hairstyles takes less than a minute and looks fantastic.

Shower At Night

Consider showering at night so that you can hop out of bed and get straight into your clothes the next morning. Your hair is something that doesn’t need to be washed every day, so wear a shower cap and leave a bottle of dry shampoo out for yourself the next day.  Spray a few spritzes and run out the door without having to worry about the fuss of a shower in the morning.

4 Ways To Have Healthier Looking Hair


Whether you’ve put your hair under a considerable amount of stress by processing it, or you’ve always had lifeless, flat hair, it can be frustrating.  Since hair is something that we wear every day, it’s important to feel confident about it.

If you’ve been wanting to revamp your hair and inject some life into it, then look no further.  Here are some of the most effective ways to have healthier looking hair in no time.

Take Supplements

Your hair is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your body.  If you eat lots of healthy foods and proteins, then chances are your hair will be thick and strong.  Hormones can also play a significant role in the appearance of your hair.  Many women experience hair loss post-pregnancy because of the dramatic shift in hormones following giving birth.

Taking supplements to help reset any deficiencies or offset hormones can help bring things back to normal in a shorter amount of time.  You can take supplements in the form of chewable gummies, powdered drinks, or even edible bars.  Ultimately, whatever your preference is, taking your supplements consistently will start to bring your hair back to a healthy state.

Limit Heat Exposure

Even though you may be used to drying your hair under maximum heat every day since you’ve always done it that way, it can start to take its toll on your hair as the years go by.  Over time your hair starts to get overcooked and will have trouble keeping up with all the damage.

If you’re drying it daily on top of using hot styling tools such as steam curlers, flat irons, or curling irons, then it’s no big secret why your hair is looking withered away.

Try to limit yourself to using heat styling tools to twice a week.  By giving your hair a break, it will go through a detox state and start to have a less fried appearance gradually.

Get a Haircut

Sometimes people think that if they keep growing their hair, it will eventually look healthier.  However, sometimes it’s all about getting the chop.  Getting rid of old ends which are weighing your hair down will make your hair less burdensome.

If your hair is particularly damaged, cutting off old split ends will immediately boost your hair and give it more body.

Use a Hair Mask

There are great products out there which function as an intensive conditioner known as a hair mask.  A mask deeply moisturizes your hair and coats it with a protective layer.  Over the course of several weeks, your hair will dramatically shift. It’s important to make sure that you choose a hair mask which is suited for your hair type.  Using one which is too heavy for your hair could make your hair even more flat and lacking body. gua

5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Wedding Ring


When you decide to marry someone and start a new life together as a couple, there can be all sorts of things to consider.  It’s not always easy to take it all on when you don’t have any experience doing something like this before.

Since there’s so much energy and money which goes into a wedding and everything that it entails, it’s important to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.  That means not making mistakes which are costly or negatively impact the process. Here are the most common errors that people make when choosing a wedding ring and what you can do to avoid it.

Getting The First One You See

A lot of people get excited too quickly and choose a wedding ring right away. The problem is that they aren’t leaving themselves the possibility of finding something else which may have been an even better fit. 

Take your time and give yourself a big enough window of time to choose a ring that you like more than anything else.  Only once you’ve spent plenty of time going through all of your options can you decide what you really think stands out the most amongst the rest.

Choosing a Trend Over a Classic

Even though you may love the current trends that you see and you notice that everyone else has the same thing, remember that trends don’t last forever.

Since your wedding ring is something that you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, you want it to stand the test of time.  Choose a ring which you know that you’ll love in 50 years from now. 

Ordering At The Last Minute

Waiting too long to make your order is a potential disaster. You never know when there may be a delay or you need a change in the design.  You may not even like the ring once you hold it in your hands.

Since it’s such a big purchase which requires so much commitment, you want to make sure that you have ample time to receive it for your big day.

Guessing Your Ring Size Wrong

A lot of people send off for a ring without adequately measuring their ring size first.  Only to be overcome with disappointment when their order arrives and it’s the wrong size.

It’s best to verify that your ring is a fit rather than taking a gamble.

Going Way Beyond Their Budget A lot of people choose a ring that they feel they should buy even if it puts them in debt way beyond their means.  Remember, your love is the most important thing at the end of the day.  If buying a ring sends you into serious financial hardship, it’s not doing anyone any favors for the long term as a couple.

4 Things You Never Want to Wear To a First Date


First dates are an occasion when you want to make the best possible first impression.  Whether you’re feeling particularly hopeful that this date may be the one, or are starting to believe you’ll never find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you should always dress to impress.  After all, you never know what could happen.  If a date is worth going on, then it’s worth doing right.

Although there are plenty of things that you should probably not wear to a first date, like an oversized sombrero or boa constrictor, here are the more common first date faux pas that you may be more likely to commit.

Chipped Nail Polish

Even though you may think that your nail polish that you applied last April is okay because it’s still on at least seven of your ten fingernails, think again.  Your nails say a lot about you.  Isn’t it reasonable to consider that if you’re that relaxed about letting your nails go that who knows where else you might be slightly less than groomed?

If you don’t have time to reapply your nail polish, then remove it completely.  Even though it might not be a big deal to you, it’s essential to make a good impression.  Someone who is sensitive to aesthetics will less likely be distracted by your poorly painted nails and more focused on your charms.

Socks and Sandals

First of all, let’s discuss the purpose of sandals.  Sandals were made to keep our feet cool in warm environments. They allow air to enter and keep our feet fresh.

They were not created for the winter or rainy days.  They were built for warm climates in summer months which do not require our feet being warm.

So, when you wear socks with your sandals, you’re defeating the entire purpose, and you look ridiculous, so stop it, right now, thank you.

Platform Heels

Even though you may be dying to wear those new heels you got which make your legs look so long and fabulous, consider again. 

Since you’ll likely be full of nerves and not exactly the most coordinated that you’ve ever been, platforms may be a recipe for disaster.  If you go down, you’re going down hard, sweetie.  Opt for the flats, and thank us later.

Sweat Pants

Even though sweatpants are awesome, let’s face it, there’s a time and a place.  Sweatpants are for moments when you want to let it all hang out and don’t care who’s watching.  While that’s a beautiful thing, statistics would say that most people didn’t meet the love of their life in sweatpants. Put in a little effort and at least go with yoga pants.  At least you can show off the curves of your body instead of looking like you are rocking a full diaper. reast-langu

4 Tips For Natural Looking Makeup


Many makeup artists agree that makeup should be used as a tool for enhancing your beauty, not covering it.  When you wear makeup it shouldn’t look like a mask, but rather add to your features.

Not only heavy makeup make you look less natural, but it’s harder on your skin, leading to breakouts.

Follow these tips to achieve a glowing natural look every time.

Quality Foundation

Use makeup which is full of high-quality ingredients.  Using cheap makeup full of chemicals and harsh products won’t do you any favors.

A light water-based foundation gives a nice texture without going overboard.  When you see women with “pancake face,” its a result of them overusing a heavy foundation. Using light foundation from a reliable brand will give you coverage without a caking effect.

If you’re not sure which foundation to choose, try several samples and see which one suits your particular skin type.  You may find that you have to go through several before arriving at a final decision.

A Blending Sponge

One of the biggest giveaways that you’re wearing makeup is poor blending.  When you can see a definitive line between your neck and your face, you should consider stepping up your blending game.  

A blending sponge gives your foundation a natural finish instead of looking like you painted your face for Halloween. 

It’s important to know that not all blending sponges are created equal.  Although there are many which claim to do the job, they can often be the wrong texture to get the results that you need.  Go for soft and flexible rather than hard and difficult to grip.

Less Is More

Although many rookie makeup users will apply too much makeup, this doesn’t have to happen to you.  When it comes to looking natural, less is more every time.

The key is your skin maintaining its natural skin texture rather than looking artificial.  Only a few drops all over the face is necessary blending your t-zone in particularly.   Heavy application in this zone will be an immediate red flag that you’re wearing foundation.

This also goes for eyeshadow and lipstick.  Opt for light natural application with wisping strokes.  Going heavy handed on the eyes and lips without proper blending may make you look like a clown.

Reflective Highlighter

The best way to give skin a dewy finish which reflects the light is to use a highlighter on the cheeks.  Make sure that you use your fingertips to blend to avoid getting harsh lines.

There are many different shades of highlighters that may suit your skin better or worse depending on your particular skin tone. Blues and whites are better for some fairer skin tones, while golden pinks work great for darker complexions.

3 Ways to Make Yourself Look 10 Years Younger


Eternal youth is something that people have been seeking for millennia. Because of this, almost all women are interested in finding out ways to make themselves look and feel younger. And with modern technology and advances in science, it’s now easier than ever to have your outer appearance look much younger than your age might actually indicate. But for those who aren’t quite ready to have medical procedures done, there still are great ways to look more youthful. To show you how, here are three ways to make yourself look ten years younger.

Choose The Right Hair Color

According to the staff at InStyle.com, one of the things women have to be most careful with is the colors they choose to wear, especially when it comes to their hair. If you go too far in either direction, light or dark, it can make you look older than you actually are. Hair that’s over-highlighted looks less golden, which is equated with youth. And hair that’s too dark looks unnatural, like you’re trying too hard to hide aging hair. So to be safe, try to keep your hair color somewhere in the middle if you’re concerned with making yourself look more youthful.

Try The Occasional Fast

While this might not be something you necessarily look forward to doing, fasting occasionally can be a great way to help your body look and feel younger and healthier. According to Helena Frith Powell, a contributor to The Telegraph, skipping a meal or two, especially in the evening, can help you get better sleep and improve the look and feel of your skin in the morning. While it might seem counterintuitive, you may also find that you have more energy on days where you eat a little bit less. This free option is available to everyone, so you might as well try it for a week or two to see how you feel.

Get More Moisture Into Your Skin

To help your skin appear to be ageless, you really need to focus on moisture. When your skin gets dried out, DoctorOz.com shares that it’s much more likely to develop wrinkles, bags, cracks and puffiness. Depending on which area of skin you’re wanting to moisturize, you’ll want to use different products that can help bring in additional vitamins to give your skin a boost. But regardless of how your skin looks now, it’s crucial that you always wear sunscreen if you want to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause you to look much older at an accelerated rate.

If you want some quick ways to help you look a little younger, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish that exact feat. 

3 Tips for Caring For Your Makeup


While many people are worried about how to care for their skin and have their makeup look flawless on their face, it’s also important that you care for your makeup and know how to best maintain these products. So if you want to ensure that your makeup and skin will always be looking good, here are three tips for caring for your makeup and using clean, healthy makeup on your face.

Caring For Your Brushes

If you use brushes to apply your makeup, caring for those brushes is just as important as caring for your face. Just like makeup can build up on your clothes or your jewelry, it can also build up on your brushes, especially when it’s being applied directly to them. According to Alanna Martine Kilkeary, a contributor to Makeup.com, you should first protect your brushes from getting other debris on them by storing them in a protective case or bag. And once you’ve used your brushes, make sure you’re cleaning them at least once a week. Depending on the material your brushes are made of, the way to clean them will vary.

Be Aware Of Smells

When you’re only using a small amount of makeup each day, it can usually last for quite a long time. However, makeup can go bad or become expired. Even with this knowledge, many women don’t know how to tell if their makeup has expired. According to Maria Verel, a contributor to Allure.com, one of the best ways to tell if your makeup needs to be thrown away is by its smell. If you smell the product and get any kind of funky scent, especially in lipstick or another cream-based product, it’s safe to say that you should toss it. Additionally, if the products are separated and won’t mix together even after shaking them, like with some nail polish or liquid foundations, those should be thrown away as well.

Know Makeup’s Lifespan

Just like with food, makeup has an expiration date or preferred lifespan for the products. Depending on what you’re using and the quality it was made, the lifespan will vary. But as a general rule of thumb, Jessica Cruel, a contributor to PopSugar.com, shares that most powders will last up to two years, as will pencil eye liners and some lip gloss. But things like mascara and liquid or gel eyeliners have a much shorter lifespan, usually only being good for a few months. So if you’ve had these products for longer, consider throwing them out and replacing them with fresh ones. If you’re interested in taking better care of the makeup you wear on a daily basis, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what you can do to better maintain these products.