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10 Makeup Items You Should Always Carry in Your Purse


As a girl, you most probably consider makeup as your best friend. However, you know pretty well that you can’t always carry all your around makeup with you. You should only bring what’s necessary. You may think that every little makeup thing inside your kit is necessary, but you know that can’t really be any possible.


The best makeup to carry around with you


To save you making such challenging decisions, this article has narrowed down the top 10 most important sigma makeup sets that you can buy online. Check them out:

  1. Powder

Makeup will wear off after a while. To maintain the smooth finish of your makeup on your skin, occasionally reapply powder every time you notice the oil on your face reappearing.  It’s important to know how often you should reapply your makeup.

  1. Blush

Like the rest of the makeup on your face, blush on cheeks may fade through time. You may bring liquid, cream, or powder blush – either of the three will do. And, in case you’re running out of space in your makeup kit, save space by using your lipstick as your alternative blusher.

  1. Eyebrow

Eyebrow is life. You can’t afford to not have it inside your bag. There are different types of eyebrow makeup – powder, gel, and pencil. Choose the latter, as it is the easiest, least troublesome to use.

  1. Sunscreen

Especially when you’re out all day under Mr. Sun, always make sure you’ve got sunscreen inside your bag. Don’t forget to reapply every 30 minutes or every time you notice the lotion melting down. Sun screens don’t last until the end of the day, so you really can’t make sure you get all the protection that you need unless you re-apply.

  1. Lip balm

In choosing a lip balm to bring every day, go for something with SPF. Not only your skin but also your lips need protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

  1. Lipstick

To add more color to your lips after applying the balm, finish with your favorite lipstick color.

  1. Facial wipes

In case you get your make up all smudged out or you decide to smudge them out yourself for some reasons, it’s good to be prepared with facial wipes.

  1. Facial wash

Facial wash aren’t really useful everyday when you’re out for work or for running down on errands. Facial wash may only be used for overnight stays where you don’t go home to your place and sleep over somewhere else. Regardless, include facial wash on the list. It’s very helpful when the need arises. The last thing that you want to happen is when you’re left with no choice but to sleep without washing your face.

  1. Perfume

Doing tons of random activities all day, it’s a sanitary necessity to include perfume in your everyday kit.

  1. Hair clip

Hair clips may only be a small, unimportant thing to bring every day, but you’ll surely long to find one as the day goes by. It’s the one thing girls need to complete their hair’s look.

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