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How to apply mascara without spreading

Sure you have more than once seen as a few hours after you apply your favorite mascara on your lashes, it has spread throughout the eye and caused an unsightly effect of “panda eyes”. Something that can be remedied by using a mascara waterproof (waterproof) or if you prefer, practicing this trick makeup home. A

Vaseline more durable lip

To make your lipstick last longer and can boast a perfect mouth for hours, just need to make a small pot of Vaseline to then implement this trick homemade makeup that will be ready in a few seconds and you will the opportunity to show off some gorgeous lips anywhere and to maximize the beauty

How to apply blush on a round face

If you have a round face and want to give it a more elongated and angular appearance, makeup tricks will be ideal for you. And, applying blusher in the right way, get turn a round face in a face full of harmony without resorting to aesthetic and investing, just, a few minutes of your time

Makeup tricks to avoid shiny skin

The makeup tricks can make the difference between a pretty face and an absolutely spectacular look. Imagine that you had a good time putting you pretty but at the end of makeup, you realize that sweat and having skin something fat have caused your face is full of glitter . Do not you know how

Makeup for small eyes

The eye makeup is fantastic to enlarge the look and get a very sexy and attractive look. In fact, combining the right cosmetics can greatly enlarge the look and forget about small eyes completely. You want to know what kind of eye makeup is best suited to boast a dazzling and spectacular look? In Cheats

Concealer: Tips for applying

The concealer serves as its name suggests, to cover those dark spots that are installed under our eyes and subtract light to the eyes. However, to get the most out of this product beauty need some tips so that, when applying it, we can get excellent results. So if you want to learn how to