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Modern Men: Famous Faces Who Have Had Stunning Cosmetic Procedures

Modern Men: Famous Faces Who Have Had Stunning Cosmetic Procedures

There are some famous faces that simply refuse to change with age and there is a really good reason for this. Much as we would like to think that some celebrities had found the secret to eternal youth and were leading the sort of lifestyle that totally preserved their body in its youthful state, the

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The Definition of Diamond Earrings for Women

Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes and are assuredly ‘a girl’s best friend.’ Adornment of diamond jewelry says a lot about a woman’s character. It denotes that she is confident, ready to take on the world and independent. When you are a diamond-wearing girl, you tend to attract a certain breed of the male

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6 ways to wear jewellery like a Supermodel

The way jewellery can create a spark in your wardrobe cannot be created by anything else. It adds this much required oomph factor, which is required for looking the best among the crowd! Here are some super cool tips to wear jewellery flawlessly like a dazzling supermodel- Lift your mood with colourful beads Sometimes, you

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Beauty Regimens of Classic Stars

Hollywood stars seem to obtain their good looks almost effortlessly, but that’s not usually the case. In fact, some of the most iconic women in Hollywood history had strict beauty routines that they stuck to in order to maintain their signature appearances. Here are some of their beauty secrets. Audrey Hepburn – The wide-eyed and