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Points to remember before buying Korean cosmetic products – Be a pro shopper

Points to remember before buying Korean cosmetic products – Be a pro shopper

Before you purchase any cosmetic product, you always need to keep few points in mind, specifically when you’re trying to buy them online. You actually don’t see the product when you buy it online and the e-commerce websites know it very well how to attract greedy customers who are cosmetic-buffs. They can attract you with

Winter Pedicure

Tips To Getting The Perfect Winter Pedicure

Just because the winter is here doesn’t mean that it is time for you to ignore your feet.  It can be easy to forget about the state of your feet and toes while they are hidden away in boots and comfy socks during the cold winter months.  Remember that you want your feet to look


Better Ways To Treat Your Skin Anytime Of The Year

Your skin is the biggest organ your body has, and it serves a very important purpose. Your skin protects all of your internal organs, and it helps hold them all in place as well. Because your skin is so important it makes sense that you should want to take good care of it. It doesn’t


Simple Tips to Take Your Makeup Look from Day to Night

The life of a student at Bradley University in the nurse practitioner doctorate degree program is one that is usually fairly busy to say the least. That isn’t to say you still don’t have some time left for a social life. So let’s say you’ve been invited out by your friends at the last minute

Beauty While Parenting

How To Find Time For Beauty While Parenting

Parenting is a full-time job, and many parents have full-time jobs on top of parenting. Whether you work from home or out of an office or store, work likely keeps you busy but parenting likely keeps you busier. For moms that like fashion and beauty it may seem counterproductive to put that much into looking

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The Secrets To Youthful Skin

Having a flawless face isn’t something that just comes naturally to all of us.  For some of us, even with consistent daily effort, it can be a challenge just to look halfway decent.  Genes are genes and some of us just don’t have great skin.  The more collagen we have, the better. There is also