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The Main Evidence You Need to Present when Making a Beauty Treatment Claim

The Main Evidence You Need to Present when Making a Beauty Treatment Claim

Going for a beauty treatment is a regular occurrence for most of us, whether you are getting a simple haircut or having your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted or tattooed. And when we walk into a beauty treatment centre or salon, we expect to get the best treatment from a professional. When we don’t – and


Makeup Hacks for Busy Student Nurses

If you’re a busy student, chances are you don’t have as much time to do your make up and commit to your beauty routine as you would like. As a student nurse, it’s important for you to look presentable whilst in class and on any work placements that you take part in (check your RN


How to Pick the Best Nude Lipstick

As you near the end of your masters in healthcare law at Hofstra Law you may be starting to think about your future career wardrobe and beauty essentials. One thing you’ll definitely want to include in your beauty arsenal is the perfect nude lipstick. A nude lipstick can take you from an interview, to the


Is Surgery too Drastic of a Measure to Lose Weight?

  Once upon a time, stomach stapling and other forms of bariatric surgery were incredibly rare procedures. Over time, however, it became clear that the outcomes from these procedures were incredibly positive. So much so in fact, that it is now a very popular procedure. Why Weight Loss Surgery Is Now So Common People don’t