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3 Ways Drinking Too Much Can Affect How You Look

3 Ways Drinking Too Much Can Affect How You Look

While having an occasional drink of alcohol likely won’t have a detrimental effect on your health or appearance, prolonged or heavy abuse of alcohol can drastically affect almost every part of your body. And though most people know about how alcohol can impact things like their liver, they often don’t think about the most obvious


4 Ways To Fight Aging

Preserving youth has always been one of the biggest sought after secrets for humanity.  From fairytales to real life studies, finding the answer has always played a huge role in history.  Many people turn to getting treatments or plastic surgery in order to preserve their youthfulness, while others have tried other methods in order to

Diamond jewellery

Diamond jewellery: serving a dual purpose.

Can you imagine a Diwali celebration without diamond jewelry? Perhaps, not. The joy of celebration doubles when people do lots of shopping and spend money in each category, such as dresses, home decors, ornaments, footwear’s, decorative items, so on and so forth. The list is endless. Usually people save throughout the year to spend lavishly