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3 Clothing Staples Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Have in Her Closet


As if being pregnant didn’t bring on enough troubles for a female to handle, it doesn’t help that every week in the nine-month long process, a woman’s body is changing. In the early stages, the changes might be subtle, but nearing the five-month mark and beyond is when things start taking a turn for the very noticeable difference.

Some women adore being pregnant while others lament about it being the worst time of their lives – prior to the actual birthing process, of course. Once the baby is born, a woman still isn’t “back to normal” as her body is continually changing, mending itself from the pregnancy journey, and preparing to give the baby all that it needs through breast milk. Since a woman gives up so much of herself to give life to another, it’s important that she feel great about herself during and after the pregnancy process.

In order to help with that, here are 3 staples every woman needs to have in her closet:

Versatile Leggings

Thank goodness fashions have changed and that leggings are in and look like they’ll be staying in style for a while longer. Leggings are the best thing any woman can own, but for the pregnant woman, a nice pair of maternity leggings that stretch with their changing body and give her the comfort she is so desperately looking for is a necessity. Throw a dress over them, or a baggy sweater is the weather is chilly, and you’re good to go.

Compression Socks

Though some women are lucky enough to not experience severe feet swelling when pregnant, there are many that do, and it’s absolutely miserable. Shoes don’t fit, being on your feet for longer than a couple of minutes is uncomfortable, and no matter what you do, you can’t get the swelling to go away. Well, if you haven’t tried compression socks, and if you don’t have them in your closet, buy a pair or two, or three now. The socks stimulate blood flow and help with a myriad of other issues, so don’t delay adding these to your wardrobe.

Layerable Pieces

Pregnancy brings with it a slew of odd side effects, and one of the known ones is a change in temperature. You might be freezing one moment and stifling hot in the next. To help with this while you’re expecting, fill your closet with items that are easy to layer. If you’re cold, put on a cardigan, if you’re hot, take off the long sleeve you’re wearing over your camisole.

Making pregnancy life enjoyable doesn’t have to be hard. Start with the wardrobe and see how you feel. It’s going to be a time filled with change, but as long as you can keep yourself comfortable and feeling good about yourself in the process, things will at least be a little more manageable.

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