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3 Ways Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Looks


While you might think that having a drink every few days isn’t that big of a deal with regards to your health, you may be surprised to know just how damaging the effects of alcohol can be for your physical appearance. Not only are you harming your internal organs, but the evidence of your alcohol abuse could be seen on your face and body for years to come. So to help you understand the toll your consumption of alcohol is having on your skin and body, here are three ways drinking can affect your looks.

The Effects of Dehydration

Although alcohol is a liquid, it actually does nothing with regards to hydrating your body. Actually, drinking alcohol will dehydrate not only your body, but your skin as well. Monica Kim, a contributor to Vogue, shares that alcohol dehydrates every mucous membrane in your body, both internal and external. This means that all the hydration that keeps your skin looking and feeling youthful is gone. As a result of this, you could develop wrinkles and fine lines at a much younger age than those who have stayed away from alcohol or have detoxed years previously.

Damage To The Skin

In addition to how the dehydration can damage your skin, there are also other areas of your skin that can have major negative impacts from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. You know how someone who has a problem with alcohol often has a particular look about them? That’s because the damage that alcohol can do to your face as a whole, not merely your skin, is astounding. Lizette Borreli, a contributor to MedicalDaily.com, writes that the physical effects of alcohol abuse on your face can include broken capillaries under the skin and a reddened complexion. In fact, one of the most common triggers for rosacea, a condition that reddens the skin, is alcohol.

Bloating and Swelling

Aside from how your face will change due to periods of extended drinking, your body will change as well. Most alcoholic beverages have a lot of empty calories, causing you to put on extra body weight. In conjunction with this, DrinkAware.co.uk shares that alcohol can also cause bloating and swelling in your face and belly. And when it comes to cellulite, many have stated that all the toxins that are found in alcohol can contribute to its buildup all throughout your body. This means that not only will your body appear swollen and bloated, but you’ll also likely have stubborn cellulite to deal with once your drinking slows down.

If you’ve noticed that your body seems to have changed is a negative way, you may want to consider how much alcohol you drink and cut back to see your face and body look young and healthy again.

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