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3 Ways Drinking Too Much Can Affect How You Look

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While having an occasional drink of alcohol likely won’t have a detrimental effect on your health or appearance, prolonged or heavy abuse of alcohol can drastically affect almost every part of your body. And though most people know about how alcohol can impact things like their liver, they often don’t think about the most obvious ways that alcohol can harm their bodies, meaning the way they look on the outside. So to show you just what can happen to your body when you abuse alcohol, here are three ways drinking too much can affect how you look. 

How Alcohol Affects Your Skin 

One of the biggest areas of your body is your skin. Your skin is actually the largest organ of your body, which means it’s something you should try your hardest to take care of. But when you drink a lot of alcohol, your skin is greatly affected. According to Lizette Borreli, a contributor to Medical Daily, alcohol vastly dehydrates your body, including your skin. When this happens, your skin can appear to have aged much more than it normally would have. Additionally, your skin will be more likely to have broken blood vessels, which can bring on the redness that’s commonly associated with alcohol abuse. 

How Alcohol Affects Your Hair 

Along with affecting your skin, alcohol can also have a big effect on the look, feel, and quantity of hair you have. According to Nina Contento, a contributor to TheList.com, drinking a lot of alcohol has been found to lead to a decrease in the levels of zinc in your body. When your body is lacking zinc, your hair can be greatly affected. This can lead to having dry and damaged hair. But along with those negative qualities, minimal zinc can also lead to hair loss. So if you’ve been trying to grow your hair or help it get healthier and you haven’t limited your drinking, this may be a good place for you to start. 

Pack on The Pounds 

Alcohol often contains a lot of extra, empty calories. This can cause those who drink alcohol in excess to gain weight. However, alcohol’s makeup can also cause your body to bloat. According to DrinkAware.co.uk, this bloat is most often found to take place in the face or belly of a heavy drinker. This can make your face appear puffy and your gut look full. But in addition to this bloat, some studies have also found that alcohol could be linked to the development of cellulite throughout the body, which is something that could affect your perceived beauty.

If you’re concerned about your physical beauty but aren’t concerned about how much alcohol you drink, you may want to consider how your use of alcohol could be affecting your appearance.

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