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3 Ways Drugs Take Away Your Beauty


Drugs have been a topic of hot conversation for years. Drug culture isn’t new by any means. Drugs have always been around, but they’ve existed in different forms, capacities and intensities. Obviously some drugs are much worse than others. Some are hallucinogens, some are depressants, some are easy to come by, some take your life savings in one trip, some affect you instantly, others take years to show any ill effects.

The point is, a drug is a drug. They’re not good, they take you through the emotional wringer, and take away your beauty in multiple ways. You’ve probably thought of the many different things that drugs do, but the taking away of your beauty isn’t one of the side effects you normally think about. To illustrate the point, here are 3 ways drugs take away your beauty:

They Make You Selfish

You’ve probably heard people reference the book of Corinthians when talking of love. Love is patient, love is kind, it does not boast, it isn’t selfish…The descriptors of love go on and on in 1 Corinthians, verse 4. This post isn’t to make a point of religion, it’s to make a point that the characters of love – which is often the very idea of beauty are often taken back to these words, no matter your religious affiliation.

If love is beautiful and love isn’t selfish, when you embrace things that not only take away your capacity to love others and only make you think of yourself, beauty is therein stripped from you. Drugs strip you of a lot of things. The ability to put others needs before your own gets taken away. That’s just one aspect.

They Kill Your Ability to Function

In the same way an addict is unable to really love anybody but themselves in the heat of their addiction, drugs also kill the body, spirit and souls ability to function. You will age faster, you will develop health problems, your body will lose basic functions so you will turn to medication, which will further deplete your body of the ability to heal itself. When you do drugs, you become less beautiful physically, but your demeanor turns away from beauty, as every day is a fight for survival.

They Take Away Innocence

The effects of drugs are so multifaceted it’s impossible to go into all the negative effects. However, drugs kill beauty because they rape their victims of their innocence. Before drugs, the world is a much better place. The reason for turning to drugs might have been due to unfortunate circumstances, but there has never been a drug that didn’t take more from its host than what they had before they even started. An empty host will turn to drugs for solace and to numb the pain, but a drug will take all life from their host, regardless of the fact there was little there in the first place.