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4 Beauty Tips For Looking Younger

Looking younger

Looking younger is something that lots of people would like, but aren’t exactly sure how to pull off.  For centuries the human race has been trying to discover the fountain of youth in order to preserve beauty and live longer.  While some resort to surgeries or other dramatic measures, there are plenty of ways to create the illusion of looking younger just by changing your look a bit.

At the end of the day, you should embrace your age since there is nothing to be ashamed about having wisdom and experience.  ‘However, if you simply want to look a little more bubbly and a little less tired, here are some of the most basic tips for your beauty routine.


One of the biggest reasons that skin starts to look aged is because it is dry and lacking in proper nutrients.  This is why the skin of some people looks better at 30 than certain people at age 20.  investing in quality skincare will shave years off of your face and boost your confidence regardless of your age.

Make sure that you focus on the areas of your face which have the most lines and wrinkles and always apply in a circular motion using the ring finger.  The ring finger is advised since it is usually the softest and least likely to be rough against sensitive areas of your skin like the under eye area. 

Highlight Under The Eyes

One of the best secrets out there for appearing more awake is what is referred to as the triangle of light.  By applying an upside down triangle shape with a light concealer under the eyes you can create an illusion which makes you look more awake and your eyes pop.

If you don’t have much time to do your makeup every day consider doing this alone and you’ll find that you feel much better overall.  You can skip the mascara and even the lipstick, but the most effective secret is highlighting the eyes. 

Consider Bangs

Rather than spending money on expensive treatments like laser or botox, some women opt for bangs.  Bangs have a youthful look and hide your fine lines and wrinkles which are common on the forehead.

The nice thing about bangs is that it gives you a “look” without really having to style your hair.  Just a few brushes with a comb and a spritz of hairspray can send you on your way in the mornings looking young and hip without having to go to a plastic surgeon.

Wear a Lighter Lipstick

Many women make the mistake of wearing very dark lipsticks which only result in aging them.  Darker colors tend to add a severity to a look whereas wearing a lighter lipstick makes you look young and happy.