4 Common Fashion Faux Pas To Look Out For

Trends can come and go as quickly as the seasons change.  One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out before you know it.  There are some fashion no-no’s that are never in style, however.

It’s important to make sure that you avoid these fashion faux pas to stay on top of your game.

Over Accessorizing

There is nothing like a good accessory to spice up and outfit, bringing a look together as a whole.  You can pull off a fantastic look by wearing a necklace with just about anything or putting on a chunky ring or a sassy pair of glasses.

However, the problem starts to arise when you put too many things together in one look.  Over-accessorizing can come across as campy and leave you looking disheveled and tacky.

Rather than over-doing it, you’re better off going by the timeless motto “less is more.”  You can always add more later, so it’s best to start minimal and work your way there slowly.

Visible Panty Lines

If you’ve ever made the mistake of believing that whatever is under your clothing isn’t visible from the outside, then you probably have made this fashion faux pas.

When you wear a tight pair of clothing or a sheer pair of pants, you should make sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath is hidden.

There is nothing less flattering than wearing a big pair of “granny panties” as they call them which are visible from the outside.  The visible panty line can totally transform a look from fabulous to flop in no time at all.

Always make sure to wear a thong or invisible panty line with tight clothing. Before you leave the house, always make sure that you try to look at yourself from all angles in the mirror to avoid fashion disasters.

Gaping Holes In Button Up Shirts

A lot of people don’t’ realize that they may have grown a few sizes since they last put a button up shirt on.  As a result, they sit down, and their shirt has gaping holes at each buttonhole where it used to be closed.

This isn’t a flattering look at all.  Be sure to wear your true size especially when it’s a button down shirt!

Wrinkly Garments

Don’t be one of those people that thinks they can get away with leaving the house with clothes which have been thrown in a ball for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles will not iron themselves out as the day goes on. You should always steam or iron your shirts rather than going out looking disheveled, especially if you’re going somewhere like work where you want to look your very best! =

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