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4 Important Reasons to Make a Hair Damage Claim

Hair Damage Claim

Changing your hair on a regular basis is a common thing. You can go to the salon for a cut, get your hair straightened, dyed, or bleached. Changing your hair is normal, but unfortunately sometimes it can end in a way you don’t want. Sometimes you can go to the salon or the beautician’s and come out with serious damage. Did you know that you can make a claim for compensation in many cases? Find out in which circumstances you would be advised to consult a lawyer to pursue a compensation claim for hair damage.

  1. Colour or Bleaching Gone Badly Wrong

Colouring and bleaching use powerful chemicals that have the potential to seriously damage your skin and hair unless used correctly. Toxic chemicals can cause allergic reactions, burns, or hair loss. Many people lose their hair completely or suffer a reaction that causes other health problems further down the line. Sometimes a claim for hair injury due to colouring damage comes about because a stylist has applied the wrong product, or the right product in the incorrect strength or for the wrong amount of time. If you have suffered chemical burns to the scalp, weak hair or loss of hair, or another allergic reaction, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

  1. Hair Straightening Problems

Hair straightening has become more popular in recent years as people go for the straight look, often using chemicals and keratin hair treatments. Again, these chemicals used for hair straightening can be very dangerous if not correctly applied, especially on an area as sensitive as the scalp. If the stylist uses the wrong technique then there is the potential for hair damage claims and injuries to the scalp, face, and neck.

  1. Hair Extensions the Wrong Way

Hair extensions can result in a hair damage compensation claim if the extension is not applied properly to the hair and results in damage to the hair – this is a particular problem if the hair is fine or weak already. The adhesives sued for extensions can also damage hair or cause an allergic reaction. There is also a documented problem involving the hair extensions pulling on the natural hair, which can result in you permanently losing your hair. In this case, you could have grounds for making a compensation claim.

  1. Poorly Executed Perms

Curling treatments and perms are still popular, and still have the potential to result in burns and adverse skin reactions. You may be able to claim for hair damage if you get a perm and the stylist has not carried it out correctly, resulting in allergic reactions or hair loss.


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