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4 Tips For Flawless Looking Foundation


When it comes to looking picture perfect, you may feel like it is impossible to look like the girls in the magazines.  That dewy glow with not an imperfection in sight is something that some of us can only dream about.  However, that perfect skin isn’t something that’s unattainable. The look of perfection on your skin is totally possible if you use the right tools.

Applying makeup is like painting on a canvas.  With the right tools and techniques, you can paint a beautiful image which depicts whatever mood that you decide.  All it takes is the right smarts to be able to achieve a flawless finish.  Not sure where to start?  Here are the tools you will need to get a picture perfect foundation in no time.

Use a Primer

One of the most essential steps to putting your makeup on and expecting a flawless finish is how you set the base.  When you apply a primer you are smoothing your skin and prepping it for what you will apply following.

A primer not only smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but it also acts as a smoothing agent for your pores.  When you apply primer first you are creating a smooth surface for the foundation to go on evenly.  Not to mention your makeup will stay on almost double as long.

Use BB Cream

A BB cream is something that has become popular over the last few years as a balm to apply to your face which smoothes out your skin tones.  Sometimes people’s skin can have several colors and textures depending on the area of the face.

Often the color under the eyes is different from the color on the cheeks.  When you even the color on your face you have a clear and even finish which allows you to get that clear finish that you’ve been wanting.

Use a Heavy Foundation

If you really want your face to look like the models in the magazines you’re going to have cake on the makeup.  You will want to use a thick foundation for all day wear which doesn’t sweat off easily.  There are many different brands on the market to choose from.

A trip to the cosmetics counter is a great opportunity to test out your skin type with various different brands and formulas.  The professionals at beauty stores are there to help you make the most educated decision on what to apply to your skin to get the look that you desire to achieve.

Always Wash Your Face At Night

No matter how much makeup you put on, bad skin is bad skin.  Make sure that you incorporate a daily face washing routine into your day.  You should always cleanse before bedtime and apply a nighttime cream to retain moisture.

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