4 Tips For Minimizing Your Morning Beauty Routine

Getting up and going every morning isn’t always a quick and easy process for everyone.  Some people aren’t morning people and struggle to find the motivation to get going first thing in the day.

If you’re one of the people who work in a profession where you offer client services face to face, then part of your job is to look presentable and professional.   Unfortunately, this takes effort and can be tricky to achieve in a short amount of time in the mornings.  Therefore, being able to catch up on your sleep but also look fabulous is often a challenge for many women who have busy schedules.

Fear not, however, because there is a way to look great in a shorter amount of time.  Here are some of the best tips for reducing your morning beauty routine so that you can stay in bed just a little longer.

Plan Ahead

Plan your outfit the night before and lay it out ready to go.  Make sure that everything is pressed and ironed and creased as you want it.  Since one of the biggest reasons many women say they’re pressed for time in the mornings is trying to figure out what to wear, you can shave off as many as 30 minutes from your morning routine by choosing what you’ll wear the night before.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a dream come true for the low maintenance woman who also loves looking fabulous.  By giving the impression of wearing makeup without having to apply any, you can hop out of bed and get going without any mascara.

Although it can be pricey over time, it’s often worth it since you can walk out of the house looking like you’ve got makeup when you haven’t lifted a finger.

Grow Your Hair Out

Many people think that having shorter hair means having to do less with it.  However, having shorter hair often means needing to style it daily.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss morning hair routine, then you should consider growing your hair out.  You can quickly throw your hair up in a bun or wear in a low ponytail.  Either one of these hairstyles takes less than a minute and looks fantastic.

Shower At Night

Consider showering at night so that you can hop out of bed and get straight into your clothes the next morning. Your hair is something that doesn’t need to be washed every day, so wear a shower cap and leave a bottle of dry shampoo out for yourself the next day.  Spray a few spritzes and run out the door without having to worry about the fuss of a shower in the morning.

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