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5 Quick Beauty Tips For Time-Crunched Moms

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Bags under the eyes, frizzy hair, red blotchy skin, and sweatpants are all trademarks of a tired mom.  No matter how much coffee she drinks, sometimes caffeine just doesn’t cut it.  Gone are the days of having the luxury of 2 hours, 1 hour, or even half an hour to make herself look presentable.  However, there are a couple tricks of the trade to look fly… on the fly.

Under Eye Concealer

When doing your makeup the key ingredient to making yourself appear more alert (and younger) is under eye concealer.  A brightener under the eyes make the eyes pop and smoothes out any dark circles which make us look exhausted and sleep deprived.  The first thing they teach you in any professional beauty course is the art of contouring.  Make under the eyes a must have if you only have 5 minutes to get ready.

Embrace The Mom Bun

There is no shame in a mom bun.  You know that tousled fluff that sits on the top of a tired mom’s head? Well, the french have a name for it. It’s called a top knot and it can actually work in your favor.  Smooth the sides with a serum quickly, and place a nice knot on the crown of your head.  Finish with some hairspray and you’ve got a perky, fun look that doesn’t have to equate to “tired mom” if you execute it correctly. YouTube celebrity and fashion and blogger Zoe Sugg says “I love to do a messy top knot because it’s so easy but looks like it could have taken a bit of effort!” Want to learn to do more than just a mom bun? Check into more advanced courses!

Invest In Some Lulu Lemons

When a mom is at the mercy of the clock and has to get dressed by grabbing the first thing laying next to her bed, make the first thing next to your bed comfortable and flattering! Sweatpants are the ultimate when it comes to comfort, but flattering? Not at all. Combine comfort and design with a butt-hugging pair of Lulu Lemons.  And get this, if your butt looking good wasn’t enough to sway you into dropping that $100 bucks on a pair of pants how’s this: Lulu Lemon products have a built-in technology that stops stink. So you can run around all day like the crazy tired mom that you are and not be stinky. Sold!

Lipstick is Your Friend

Lipstick on your tired face is like icing a bare cake.  It’s fine without it, but oh so much better with it.  Lipstick revives the color in your face and stops that “zombie” look from creeping up on you.  Just a little splash of color can turn a 4-hour sleep face into an 8-hour sleep face. Yes, please!

Retinol Cream

There really is a fountain of youth that isn’t cosmetic surgery or botox, and it’s called retinol cream.  This cream helps renew your cells while smoothing the skin’s surface and reversing the sands of time.  Make sure you apply at night when your skin is in cell renewal mode, and alternate with an SPF in the daytime!