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6 ways to wear jewellery like a Supermodel

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The way jewellery can create a spark in your wardrobe cannot be created by anything else. It adds this much required oomph factor, which is required for looking the best among the crowd!

Here are some super cool tips to wear jewellery flawlessly like a dazzling supermodel-

  • Lift your mood with colourful beads

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like dressing up and end up wearing a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt. All you can do is put multiple chains of colourful bead around your neck and let your hair loose. Don’t worry about the size of the beads, big or small, just stack them up if they match each other.

  • Sparkles add a lot of excitement

Sparkles can be used in all form. It can be simple air of sparkly drop earrings or a very beautiful necklace with a lot of sparkles. Don’t wear sparkly earrings and necklace together; you’ll end up looking like a disaster. Use sparkles to accentuate your look. They look the best when the silhouette of the outfit you are wearing is relative simple.

  • Give life to your outfits

The major objective of wearing jewellery is to give life to your outfits. Therefore, be very careful while choosing jewellery. Sometimes a simple strand of pearls can be bold enough than many colourful things together. Dressing according to the occasion is very important. For office, a strand of pearl will make a strong statement, making you look responsible and competitive yet very feminine but when you are at the lounge, a pair of simple earrings is enough.

  • Chokers and bibs are in demand

Want to add spice to an outfit in minutes? That’s where chokers and bibs come to existence. When wearing chokers or bibs one must keep in mind to tie up the hair because it accentuates the look and gives a dramatic effect. The velvet chokers which Princess Diana used to wear are on a trend now; you can try wearing it once, at least!

  • Choose your earrings wisely

Different types of earrings draw attention to different aspects of you. For instance, diamond studs are the best when you don’t change your earrings daily and they go with everything. Chandelier earrings are a stunner; they draw a lot of attention! You don’t need to wear any necklace, bangles or bracelet if you wear these earrings. Drop earrings are a median between the two. They work best when you are someone who daily changes their earrings; so keep it light and playful.

  • Wear your rings smartly

There are three simple ways you can try to wear rings like a diva. For a funky avatar stack up many rings in one finger or experiment with one full ring and one midi ring in alternate fingers. Another way is to wear an eye catchy rings in the middle finger. The last way is to wear a really simple ring and having your nails severely groomed.

There is a variety of imitation jewellery online on sale. Be sure you get the ones which suit you the best!

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