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7 Skin Care Myths You Should Know About


We all love our skin and want to make it bright and glowing all the year round. In an effort of doing this at times we end up doing a lot of things whether right or wrong for taking care of it. While some of the people fall into the trap of believing the skin care myths completely, some of them don’t care about taking chances as they have the thing in their mind that what if things go wrong? Well, there are ideally 7 skin care myths that you should definitely know about to turn the wrong idea or notion into a positive one.

Here goes the list of 7 skin care myths you should know about in detail so that you can avoid doing these things while taking care of your skin.

  • Myth 1

No need to wash your face in the morning

While the fact might seem true at first, it is not really the case. It is a false notion that just because you have cleaned your face at night, you don’t have to clean and wash your face in the morning,. Our skin secretes toxins and also sebum which if not washed will not let the daytime products to do its work.  Besides that, the night time products that are used doesn’t work effectively and allow the same benefits that day time products allow. So, cleaning up of the acids and the retinol is necessary to avoid any kind of irritation. That’s not it, washing your face in the morning is a secret to long-lasting beautiful skin.

  • Myth 2

Higher number in the SPF factor makes a sunscreen better

You might be thinking throughout your life that more the number in the SPF factor of a sunscreen, the more amount of sun protection you will get for your skin. Well, a sunscreen having SPF30 should ideally double the protection of SPF15, but it is only 4% more instead of 50%. The only key to avail the benefits of the sunscreen is by applying and re-applying the sunscreen in intervals and from time to time, generously.

  • Myth 3

Applying make-up is bad for the face skin

Excessive makeup is not good for your delicate facial skin but little bit of make-up is not harmful for the skin at all. If good-quality make-up and cosmetics products availed using the offers at Paytm is applied on the face, it can provide nutrients like vitamins, sunscreens and other essential oils which will keep the skin hydrated and protected from the harmful sun rays. Make sure you do a patch test and do not forget to clean it off before going to sleep.

  • Myth 4

Scrubbing keeps face free of blackheads

It’s the accumulation of dirt and grime in the oil glands that creates a blockage resulting in the creation of blackheads. If you want to keep your skin healthy, then you need to take proper care of it. But intensive scrubbing can cause utter damage by depleting the skin moisture, affecting its texture and making the skin prone to sensitivity.

  • Myth 5

Cleaning wipes is better than traditional cleansers

With the advent of time, we have started using the shortcut of cleaning our face with the cleaning wipes instead of using the traditional cleansers. It can be considered as a good alternative, but cannot be better than the traditional cleansers which clean the dirt from our face perfectly. It is rather not a complete process as it smears the dirt and oil all over your face and doesn’t get washed off. Though a wipe is convenient, it is not equally or more effective as a proper cleanser.

  • Myth 6

Richer eye cream is better for preventing wrinkles

While we might be stuck up on what the advertisements show us, but the truth is that there is no connection of preventing wrinkles by getting a richer eye cream. The richer the eye cream is, more is the high content of heavy oils like petrolatum and mineral oil. These are usually hard to get absorbed which causes excessive puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning. So, there is no such adamant fact that such creams can prevent the formation of wrinkles.

  • Myth 7

Shaving or threading can lead to increase of facial hair in women

You might have been dreading over the fact that facial hair growth increases with shaving or threading, but the truth is something else. Facial hair growth is totally a matter of hormonal imbalance which can be due to any kind of factors like menopause, thyroid, etc. It has got nothing to do with these inexpensive methods of getting rid of hair by shaving and threading.

Are you in an awe to find out that all these skin care notions are lie? Well, that’s why these are called myths. So, now that you have understood you have been unnecessarily worrying about the consequences of following the myths, it’s time to break the false notions and accept the scientific and proven truths to take care of your skin.

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