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A Year Round Glow with Cosmetics


Winter may not be over yet, but just because the weather isn’t that bright it doesn’t mean that your beauty look can’t shine through either. Thanks to Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International, there is a whole variety of shimmering illuminators and bronzers that will brighten up your beauty look and give you that subtle sun kissed glow all year round.

Many people often think that a tan or bronzed glow is solely associated with the summer time. However, when done correctly with professional makeup from Gerrard International, you can give your skin a subtle glow that will not only add warmth to your skin but will refresh your skin with a healthy look that can be added all year round.

Rather than apply fake tan all over your body, bronzing powder can be used to lightly dust key areas of the face to create the impression of a sun-kissed glow. A good bronzer to use when adding a little colour to your beauty look is Mii Mineral Bronzing Powder. Enriched with precious minerals, Mii Mineral Bronzing Powder is light and provides a luxuriously soft finish.

Before adding bronzer to your face, you should apply your foundation as well as any additional concealer or powder if required. With professional makeup from Gerrard International, there is a great selection of makeup to complement various skin tones so you will easily find face base makeup to suit your complexion.

Once your base makeup has been applied, you can add that subtle warm glow with bronzing powder. An understated approach is key to this beauty look. Begin by emptying a small amount of bronzing powder into the lid and next take your Mii Kabuki Brush and swirl it into the powder. Lightly sweep the brush across your nose, your cheek bones and brow bones to create a subtle sun kissed effect. You can build up colour gradually if required. As Mii Mineral Bronzing Powder is so lightweight, building up colour can be done effortlessly without any heavy excess.

Finish off this naturally sun kissed beauty look with a neutral hued eye colour such as brown or grey and add a complementing slick of lip gloss in an equally neutral colour.

If you wish to add extra impact to your sun kissed winter beauty look, add a bit of shimmer with a light sweep of Mii Mineral Divine Illuminator. The great thing about Mii Cosmetics from Gerrard International is that because there is such a varied amount of makeup to choose from you can easily tailor this beauty look for day or for night.

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