Applying eye shadow – Knowing the intricate details of the actual process |

Applying eye shadow – Knowing the intricate details of the actual process


Eye makeup can be considered as one of the most vital parts of facial beautification. For parties or those special occasions, you simply cannot think of going out without at least enhancing your eye area. Even if you are going out in a casual setting, there are some minimum touch-ups that you have to do with your eyes, cheeks and lips. Applying the right eyeliner and the right eyeshadow is the least that you can do for your eyes. For some girls, applying eye makeup seems to be a complicated process. However, it is actually not as complicated as you might think. The basis of this article will demonstrate easy and quick steps to apply eye shadow to your beautifully shaped eyes like a pro!

Learning the basic concept of eyeshadows

When it comes to the basic concept of any eye shadow design, one must learn the art of putting into shape and shade a well-blended progression of few colors, from light to dark. The key points to take into account are:

  • The light colors are used to emphasize or highlight the shadow areas
  • The darker colors will in turn minimize or recede fuller, those prominent areas
  • Make sure you apply your brushes with a very small amount of color, as it is always easier to add more eyeshadow than it is to remove it

Applying eyeshadow – When to apply it?

You can always do your eye makeup first and then concentrate on applying foundation or some kind of concealer to the rest of your face. If there is any eyeshadow color that has flaked to the portion underneath your eyes, you can remove it instantly without becoming frustrated. Prepare the area near your eye with either concealer or foundation and set it with dusting powder. Eye shadow can be applied by either using two, three or even four colors at a time. Whether you wish to use only two colors or four, there is always a step-by-step guide which you can follow in order to create the classy look which can be either toned down or built upon. Remember that it is always best to finish every eye makeup with mascara and eyeliner.

Some important brush tips for you

There are many who love to highlight their eyes, but they do not have any idea on the brushes and what the various brushes are used for. Here are some brush tips to take into account.

  1. To know the actual area where you need to place your brush, look straight at the mirror and find the highest point of the eyebrow. Then follow the vertical line which goes down in line with the crease of the eye.
  2. Set the brush down into the crease in proper manner and start blending in an outward direction.
  3. Move inward in the crease through the edge of the brow bone.
  4. Do not blend to the inner corner of the eyes.

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