Are You Addicted To Shopping? You May Be Surprised |

Are You Addicted To Shopping? You May Be Surprised


Shopping is something you have to do in order to get the things that you need to survive. You go to the grocery store to buy food for sustenance, and to buy toiletries for good hygiene and health, and you go to the big box stores to furnish your homes for back health and comfort, and you buy clothing so that you don’t get arrested for indecent exposure. But when does shopping become too much, and turn into an addiction?

When someone is spending more money than they actually have to spend, piling up credit card bills, it can seem obvious they have a problem. And when you find a hoarder with piles of clothing they couldn’t possibly wear in a lifetime, some with tags still on, it’s obvious they like to shop a bit too much. However, those that may feel like they were born to shop can still have an issue with addiction to shopping even if it isn’t outwardly obvious.

Shopping Makes You Feel Good

You may not have a house full of stuff, and you might not even have a big amount of credit card debt, but if shopping is something you need to do in order to get a mood boost, or you ever use the term “retail therapy,” you probably are a shopping addict. You had a bad day at work, you need to shop. You got in a fight with your SO, you need to shop. This is destructive behavior.

Shopping should simply be a necessity. You shouldn’t shop because shopping is your friend and it makes you feel goo. You should shop because you need to eat, and put clothing on your back. By realizing this destructive behavior you can actually save money, and put that time you would be shopping to better use, like taking up yoga or meditation, which will better help you deal with life’s problems.

You Already Have More Than You Need

This ties in with the hoarder side of shopping addictions. All addiction stems from mental issues or illnesses, and even buying things simply because you think you need them is something a doctor or therapist can actually work to help you with. Many people grow addicted to “collecting” things due to family history, of things like abuse or poverty, or they begin to collect after losing a loved one.

Hoarders often risk their lives for the collections they love, by making their homes unsafe in many ways, including it being a fire hazard. If you have a shopping addiction there is help out there. And, that great stuff you collected can bring in a pretty penny if you have a yard sale, sell it online, or it could help out some less fortunate if you donate it. But make sure you are working to not just replace it all once it’s gone. Get help.


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