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4 Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Many makeup artists agree that makeup should be used as a tool for enhancing your beauty, not covering it.  When you wear makeup it shouldn’t look like a mask, but rather add to your features. Not only heavy makeup make you look less natural, but it’s harder on your skin, leading to breakouts. Follow these


3 Ways to Make Yourself Look 10 Years Younger

Eternal youth is something that people have been seeking for millennia. Because of this, almost all women are interested in finding out ways to make themselves look and feel younger. And with modern technology and advances in science, it’s now easier than ever to have your outer appearance look much younger than your age might


3 Tips for Caring For Your Makeup

While many people are worried about how to care for their skin and have their makeup look flawless on their face, it’s also important that you care for your makeup and know how to best maintain these products. So if you want to ensure that your makeup and skin will always be looking good, here


4 Tips For Aging Gracefully

When it comes to getting older, it can be difficult to accept initially.  You may start to look in the mirror and compare yourself to the women in the magazines and start feeling hard on yourself.  However, age is part of life and doesn’t have to be something which you’re ashamed of. Experience is one


4 Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Beauty Remedies

Some people may think that in order to preserve their youthful looks they have to get financing for plastic surgery.  However, you don’t have to go under the knife to fight the effects of age. Since the beginning of humanity, there has always been a fascination with preserving youth.  Since youth means health and beauty,

beer drinking

3 Ways Drinking Too Much Can Affect How You Look

While having an occasional drink of alcohol likely won’t have a detrimental effect on your health or appearance, prolonged or heavy abuse of alcohol can drastically affect almost every part of your body. And though most people know about how alcohol can impact things like their liver, they often don’t think about the most obvious


4 Ways To Fight Aging

Preserving youth has always been one of the biggest sought after secrets for humanity.  From fairytales to real life studies, finding the answer has always played a huge role in history.  Many people turn to getting treatments or plastic surgery in order to preserve their youthfulness, while others have tried other methods in order to


Top 10 Most Attractive Ingredients in Masculine Perfumes

Finding out the best masculine smelling scents is of great interest to men and women alike. It’s because everyone wants to smell good – for their own interest and for the others, as well as to convey a message. Sometimes we choose a perfume that says “I’m classy” or “I’m rich and sophisticated”. Other times,


Water: The Health and Beauty Provider

You will probably have heard about the book of Genesis, and you will note that it states that on day 1, God had created water – it was there in the very beginning. That should be a big flag to you; that water has, since the beginning of time, been a very important thing to