Best Gifts for Women who Absolutely Love Make-up |

Best Gifts for Women who Absolutely Love Make-up


Aside from fashion accessories for women, it’s hard to find a girl who would say no to make-up. No matter what season or event it is, make-up and make-up accessories will never go wrong as presents for any type of woman. Below is a list of make-up products and accessories that any beauty junkie will like, from the most affordable to the most expensive, to the most practical and the most eye-catching.

Make-up Organizers and Cleaning Tools

  • Lux Box Lip Stand, 89.99 USD,

This is the perfect place to store all your beloved lipsticks. It can hold up to 120 lipsticks, and features storage for pencils, liners, and brushes.

  • Taylor Beauty Station, 59.99 USD,

This is a great gift for those who enjoy watching YouTube make-up tutorials or those who just prefer watching or using gadgets while getting ready. Aside from its organizing and display functions (it can hold compact make-up, brushes, liners, pencils, etc.), it has a special dock for both mobile phone and tablet.

  • Lilumia in Paris, 134.00 USD,

This is an interesting and practical gift for women who love wearing make-up. This is an appliance that can clean make-up brushes all at once. Since cleaning brushes by hand can be a tedious job, the Lilumia device makes it easier and faster without damaging your precious make-up tools.

  • The Spatty, 10.99 USD,

This is a practical and affordable tool that can help you scrape off remaining make-up left in bottles. It is a mini spatula that allows you to use up everything without wasting any drop.

Make-up Tools

  • Beauty Blender Blotterazzi, 20.00 USD,

The Blotterazzi is a re-usable make-up tool that has both the functions of a blender and blotter. It absorbs any excess oil without ruining your make-up, and is perfect for women who are always on-the-go.

  • Sephora Collection: Tools of the Trade Brush Set, 74.00 USD,

It is important to have professional and high-quality tools that will create the perfect look without damaging or irritating skin. The set contains 8 essential brushes for the eyes, cheeks, and face, which also comes with a travel case.

  • Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror, 299.00 USD, Hollywood Vanity Girl –

This is a great gift for those who love glamour and the limelight. Let your friend or loved one glam up in style with this Hollywood inspired vanity mirror. It is both functional and a great statement piece, making it a great splurge especially when you’re really in the spirit of giving.

Make-up Essentials

  • Tom Ford Lips & Boys 50 pc. Set, 1950.00 USD,

It comes with 25 classic shades alongside 25 new shades with metallic finish. It is the ultimate gift for make-up collectors and those who just appreciate great-quality brands and products. (Lipsticks can be purchased individually for 35 USD each.)

  • Tarte Skincare: Rainforest of the Sea Make a Splash Hydrating Skin Savers, 12.00 USD,

This is a limited edition skincare starter set that is great for those who don’t just want to beautify their skin, but  for those who also want to keep it clean and fresh by keeping it nourished and hydrated all the time.

  • ColorMe Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition, 68.00 USD,

This is great for those who are always in hurry, but still want professional looking make-up. It is a tool that efficiently applies foundation much accurately compared to a brush or by hand.

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