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Best men’s haircuts around the world

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They say clothes make a man but you should never forget your crowning glory, your haircut. Even a wardrobe change-up needs a new cut to complement the look. There are some great, fresh and popular haircuts for men as seen on The following are some of the best men’s haircuts around the world.


The afro has had many iconic moments. From the Fijian mountain warriors to the civil-rights movement, the afro has been a hairstyle associated with many glorious moments. It still carries its historical significance today and the rounded dome of curly hair is still a great look for most back men today.

Asymmetrical cuts

Asymmetrical cuts refer to longer hair on one half of the scalp than the other. Quite popular among rock starts, there are a few people who have managed to make the look for day-to-day appearance. There are some haircuts similar to the asymmetrical cut but with a little more pizzazz. They include cuts like the Elvis Presley inspired pompadour, some versions of the undercut and the quaff.

Businessman cut

With the corporate world growing exponentially, many barbers today are rolling out the businessman cut by the minute. Although it goes by various names (professional cut, taper cut or standard cut), the end result is the same, hair that is long enough to comb with tapered back and sides and a part on the top. This haircut is great for a daily look and works well with men of all ages.

Buzz cut

This refers to any kind of haircut that will leave your hair almost bare using clippers. Celebrities like Pharrel Williams have been true to the buzz cut for years. It’s a tight cut hairstyle that is quite easy to maintain and is worn all over the world. Quite characteristics of soldiers in the army. Variations of the buzz cut include the high-and-tight and the crew cut among others.

Curly hair

Although is not the manliest cut, there are a few people who have managed to work the many curls into their daily look. Quite popular with men of mid-eastern origin who have naturally full and curly hair. The hair can be cut to a variety of lengths and worn in various ways.


Although they are often associated with Rastafarian culture, dreadlocks have been worn by various cultures all over the world with different meaning from Indian yogis to the Maasai in Kenya. It takes a while to get the hair from the natural state to thick twists of hair and it needs a lot of commitment. However, the end result is a strong bold look.


This is a very short tapered cut that looks great on afro textured hair. The hair is short on top and gradually shorter down the back of the head and the sides. The hair fades away into the skin towards the name. The fade is a great hairstyle to wear to work and school too. Celebrities like Michael B. Jordan have great examples of a well done fade.

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