4 Tips For Natural Looking Makeup


Many makeup artists agree that makeup should be used as a tool for enhancing your beauty, not covering it.  When you wear makeup it shouldn’t look like a mask, but rather add to your features.

Not only heavy makeup make you look less natural, but it’s harder on your skin, leading to breakouts.

Follow these tips to achieve a glowing natural look every time.

Quality Foundation

Use makeup which is full of high-quality ingredients.  Using cheap makeup full of chemicals and harsh products won’t do you any favors.

A light water-based foundation gives a nice texture without going overboard.  When you see women with “pancake face,” its a result of them overusing a heavy foundation. Using light foundation from a reliable brand will give you coverage without a caking effect.

If you’re not sure which foundation to choose, try several samples and see which one suits your particular skin type.  You may find that you have to go through several before arriving at a final decision.

A Blending Sponge

One of the biggest giveaways that you’re wearing makeup is poor blending.  When you can see a definitive line between your neck and your face, you should consider stepping up your blending game.  

A blending sponge gives your foundation a natural finish instead of looking like you painted your face for Halloween. 

It’s important to know that not all blending sponges are created equal.  Although there are many which claim to do the job, they can often be the wrong texture to get the results that you need.  Go for soft and flexible rather than hard and difficult to grip.

Less Is More

Although many rookie makeup users will apply too much makeup, this doesn’t have to happen to you.  When it comes to looking natural, less is more every time.

The key is your skin maintaining its natural skin texture rather than looking artificial.  Only a few drops all over the face is necessary blending your t-zone in particularly.   Heavy application in this zone will be an immediate red flag that you’re wearing foundation.

This also goes for eyeshadow and lipstick.  Opt for light natural application with wisping strokes.  Going heavy handed on the eyes and lips without proper blending may make you look like a clown.

Reflective Highlighter

The best way to give skin a dewy finish which reflects the light is to use a highlighter on the cheeks.  Make sure that you use your fingertips to blend to avoid getting harsh lines.

There are many different shades of highlighters that may suit your skin better or worse depending on your particular skin tone. Blues and whites are better for some fairer skin tones, while golden pinks work great for darker complexions.

3 Tips for Caring For Your Makeup


While many people are worried about how to care for their skin and have their makeup look flawless on their face, it’s also important that you care for your makeup and know how to best maintain these products. So if you want to ensure that your makeup and skin will always be looking good, here are three tips for caring for your makeup and using clean, healthy makeup on your face.

Caring For Your Brushes

If you use brushes to apply your makeup, caring for those brushes is just as important as caring for your face. Just like makeup can build up on your clothes or your jewelry, it can also build up on your brushes, especially when it’s being applied directly to them. According to Alanna Martine Kilkeary, a contributor to Makeup.com, you should first protect your brushes from getting other debris on them by storing them in a protective case or bag. And once you’ve used your brushes, make sure you’re cleaning them at least once a week. Depending on the material your brushes are made of, the way to clean them will vary.

Be Aware Of Smells

When you’re only using a small amount of makeup each day, it can usually last for quite a long time. However, makeup can go bad or become expired. Even with this knowledge, many women don’t know how to tell if their makeup has expired. According to Maria Verel, a contributor to Allure.com, one of the best ways to tell if your makeup needs to be thrown away is by its smell. If you smell the product and get any kind of funky scent, especially in lipstick or another cream-based product, it’s safe to say that you should toss it. Additionally, if the products are separated and won’t mix together even after shaking them, like with some nail polish or liquid foundations, those should be thrown away as well.

Know Makeup’s Lifespan

Just like with food, makeup has an expiration date or preferred lifespan for the products. Depending on what you’re using and the quality it was made, the lifespan will vary. But as a general rule of thumb, Jessica Cruel, a contributor to PopSugar.com, shares that most powders will last up to two years, as will pencil eye liners and some lip gloss. But things like mascara and liquid or gel eyeliners have a much shorter lifespan, usually only being good for a few months. So if you’ve had these products for longer, consider throwing them out and replacing them with fresh ones. If you’re interested in taking better care of the makeup you wear on a daily basis, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what you can do to better maintain these products.