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4 Things You Never Want to Wear To a First Date

4 Things You Never Want to Wear To a First Date

First dates are an occasion when you want to make the best possible first impression.  Whether you’re feeling particularly hopeful that this date may be the one, or are starting to believe you’ll never find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you should always dress to impress.  After all, you never know what could happen.  If a


Beauty and Fashion for Your Home

When it comes to beauty and fashion, we often think of a few key things to take care of. Namely, hair, makeup, clothing, etc. However, there is one aspect of beauty and fashion we often neglect, and that is the beauty and fashion of our living space. Our home, just as much, if not more


Revive Your Wardrobe with Fashion Mood Boards

Mood boards have been a popular form of inspiration and planning for a number of years. From interior design, party planning and style muse, mood boards are a clever way to collate a theme of things that you like and apply them to certain life events. However, when it comes to your sense of style

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Get that Perfect Headgear

Fashion trends have always seen a large number of fluctuations when it comes to headgear. Be it dainty hats with feathers, sporty caps or quirky bandanas, when you are wearing it on your head, make sure you wear it in style! When it comes to latest fashion trends for women, large and oversized hats are


Sweater Weather Can’t Be Beat

Historically, cold weather was unpopular as it heralded a time when crops did not grow as well, and heat became a commodity. Fortunately modern society has solved the issues of managing cold weather, and as a result the cold can actually be advantageous for you as an individual. Cold weather means that it is the