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Diamond jewellery: serving a dual purpose.

Can you imagine a Diwali celebration without diamond jewelry? Perhaps, not. The joy of celebration doubles when people do lots of shopping and spend money in each category, such as dresses, home decors, ornaments, footwear’s, decorative items, so on and so forth. The list is endless. Usually people save throughout the year to spend lavishly


Style- Dressing Well and Buying Wedding Bands for Men

Dressing well is a positive reflection of your confidence and showcases you as a person who is organized. The clothes that you wear are among the first things that people notice about you and can leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Dressing for success requires a few steps that pave the way for

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How to Buy Diamond Jewellery

Women love diamonds and even the ones who say that they don’t get fascinated by jewellery would also agree on the fact that nothing can ever beat the charm that diamonds have. With increasing number of shops online, buying jewellery has become easy for everyone. One major concern which is still there is associated related

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Different Ways Men Could Wear Rings and Their Significance

As far as high-fashion is concerned there are practically no boundaries. However, there exists a fine line that women and men must never cross. When it comes to rings, it is crucial to opt for models which are capable of enhancing your fashion sense. Signets, especially, could make the greatest impact and speak volumes about

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The Definition of Diamond Earrings for Women

Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes and are assuredly ‘a girl’s best friend.’ Adornment of diamond jewelry says a lot about a woman’s character. It denotes that she is confident, ready to take on the world and independent. When you are a diamond-wearing girl, you tend to attract a certain breed of the male

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6 ways to wear jewellery like a Supermodel

The way jewellery can create a spark in your wardrobe cannot be created by anything else. It adds this much required oomph factor, which is required for looking the best among the crowd! Here are some super cool tips to wear jewellery flawlessly like a dazzling supermodel- Lift your mood with colourful beads Sometimes, you