4 Things You Never Want to Wear To a First Date


First dates are an occasion when you want to make the best possible first impression.  Whether you’re feeling particularly hopeful that this date may be the one, or are starting to believe you’ll never find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you should always dress to impress.  After all, you never know what could happen.  If a date is worth going on, then it’s worth doing right.

Although there are plenty of things that you should probably not wear to a first date, like an oversized sombrero or boa constrictor, here are the more common first date faux pas that you may be more likely to commit.

Chipped Nail Polish

Even though you may think that your nail polish that you applied last April is okay because it’s still on at least seven of your ten fingernails, think again.  Your nails say a lot about you.  Isn’t it reasonable to consider that if you’re that relaxed about letting your nails go that who knows where else you might be slightly less than groomed?

If you don’t have time to reapply your nail polish, then remove it completely.  Even though it might not be a big deal to you, it’s essential to make a good impression.  Someone who is sensitive to aesthetics will less likely be distracted by your poorly painted nails and more focused on your charms.

Socks and Sandals

First of all, let’s discuss the purpose of sandals.  Sandals were made to keep our feet cool in warm environments. They allow air to enter and keep our feet fresh.

They were not created for the winter or rainy days.  They were built for warm climates in summer months which do not require our feet being warm.

So, when you wear socks with your sandals, you’re defeating the entire purpose, and you look ridiculous, so stop it, right now, thank you.

Platform Heels

Even though you may be dying to wear those new heels you got which make your legs look so long and fabulous, consider again. 

Since you’ll likely be full of nerves and not exactly the most coordinated that you’ve ever been, platforms may be a recipe for disaster.  If you go down, you’re going down hard, sweetie.  Opt for the flats, and thank us later.

Sweat Pants

Even though sweatpants are awesome, let’s face it, there’s a time and a place.  Sweatpants are for moments when you want to let it all hang out and don’t care who’s watching.  While that’s a beautiful thing, statistics would say that most people didn’t meet the love of their life in sweatpants. Put in a little effort and at least go with yoga pants.  At least you can show off the curves of your body instead of looking like you are rocking a full diaper. reast-langu