Cinnamon: Much more powerful than a coffee-booster |

Cinnamon: Much more powerful than a coffee-booster


Here’s a headline; cinnamon isn’t just great to put on top of your coffee – it’s an ingredient that can make an extraordinary difference to your life as well.

We’re in an era where ancient remedies are finally starting to garner the attention that they deserve. Part of this is due to pioneers like Dr. Pankaj Naram while in general, the public are just much more receptive to these alternative treatment methods.

One such method comes in the form of cinnamon. If there ever was an example of an everyday ingredient benefiting our health, you’d struggle to find one that beats the properties of this. Studies have found it is able to fight bacteria, strengthen our natural defense system amongst a whole host of other things. What does this mean in relation to various conditions that we become susceptible to? Let’s take a look at several examples.


Arthritis is one of those conditions which tends to be caused by excessive inflammation. A lot of herbs and spices are able to reduce inflammation in our body, and cinnamon is no different to any of these.

The general advice is that if you can consume at least two teaspoons of it per day (perhaps on top of your coffee, as we keep saying!), you can reduce the effects of arthritis considerably.

Bad cholesterol problems

The beauty about cinnamon is that on a lot of occasions, you don’t need to consume huge quantities of it to reap the rewards. If you are someone who is struggling with cholesterol problems, this is the prime example. The experts believe that just infusing your tea with a touch of the spice is enough to drop your cholesterol levels by as much as 10%.

The reason behind its effectiveness is simple; it’s been found that the spice can relax your blood vessels and ultimately lessen the effects of cholesterol.

Beating the common cold

Most doctors will claim that there’s no hard-and-fast way to beat the common cold and on most occasions, they’re right. However, there are suggestions that cinnamon can at least make your next cold a little more tolerable and again, you simply need to add a touch of it to a hot drink to reap the rewards.

It’s understood that cinnamon can work as a decongestant, managing to maneuver any mucus that irritates your throat and stomach. Another side benefit, although one that’s not necessarily directly related to your health, is that the strength of cinnamon can immediately bring taste to your meals – even when your cold means that most flavors just can’t be properly experienced.

Managing flu symptoms

It works with the common cold and fortunately, there’s evidence to show that your flu symptoms can be managed through a course of cinnamon as well.

Studies have shown that it can make an impact against the influenza virus, particularly if itis combined with honey. Sure, it’s not going to prompt an instant recovery, but the studies have shown that it does improve recovery times drastically.