Considering A New Hair Color? Here Are Some Tips |

Considering A New Hair Color? Here Are Some Tips

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It can be fun to try new hair colors, even if you aren’t trying to color any gray hairs. However, there are certain tips you should follow when it comes to coloring, especially if you’re doing it at home. It’s actually kind of important to talk to a salon professional before you start to DIY dye your hair.

Don’t even pick out the color yet. Read further to make sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to dying your hair, from the color to where you get it done.

DIY Or Professional

Are you going to do your hair yourself or have someone else do it? If you’ve been dying your own hair now for awhile and you feel comfortable doing things on your own, and you’re not trying something completely new and crazy, just keep doing it yourself.

If you haven’t dyed your hair before or you’re trying something new (ombre, highlights, chunks), you should probably get it done professionally, at least the first time. You can watch what they are doing and then try it again yourself (ask for tips about going DIY while you’re there).

Know The Product

If you are dying your own hair at home you want to make sure that you are buying products that are good for your hair and not damaging it. Read the boxes of hair dye before you pick one. Better yet, buy dye at a salon store where you can ask the employees what might work best, and be the safest for your hair (and for home use).

Consider Skin Tone

Your skin tone matters when it comes to the hair color you chose. If you want something that looks natural you definitely need to match it up with your skin tone. If you want to do something wild and crazy then you can just pick whatever you want.

Consider Your Natural Color

However, your natural or current color has some say in the matter of what color you go as well. If you have darker hair and want lighter colored hair, you’re going to need to bleach it in between. Bleach is pretty rough on hair, so you want to follow the instructions perfectly. If you have blond hair, you can go dark or funky without much fuss.

Consider Your Wardrobe

You also might want to look at what you normally wear. Some hair colors look better with some clothing colors, and some don’t. If you’re going for a punk rock pink you might want to be the type of person that wears a punk rock wardrobe. Greens and blues may look good to you with a suit, but your boss might not like it!


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