DevaCut Technique– Why It is the Right Hair Cutting Method for You |

DevaCut Technique– Why It is the Right Hair Cutting Method for You

DevaCut Technique

If you ask most people with curly hair how easy it is to find a salon that understands their hair cutting needs, they will tell you one or two nightmarish stories. The narrative is not any different in South Florida. Salons which can professionally cut and style coils are so rare and this has presented the curly girls in this part of the state with limited options. The only reprieve came when Curls Rock salon opened its doors in Boca Raton to address this gap and need in the market.

According to curly hair experts, cutting naturally spiraling locks is 40% science, 40% art, and 20% talent. It is not just the mechanical act of taking scissors and trimming even the straight strands. Each curl comes with its own independent personality and it is the duty of your stylist to address this.

There are different techniques of cutting curly hair and the question of which technique is superior to the other is not a yes or no answer. There is a lot of personal preference that goes into it. That said, DevaCut technique is one of the best in the industry and this is why.

DevaCut Technique

This technique was developed by Lorrain Massey, a curly hair guru and the owner of Devachan Salon. What makes DevaCut unique is that it focuses on sculpting each curl cutting so that the overall curl pattern is not interfered with. Alternatively, salons such as Curls Rock utilize what is known as the Deva Signature Waterfall curly hair cutting technique which is essentially a structured method of cutting that focuses intuitively on curl by curl.

Irrespective of the method employed, DevaCut gives a customized approach to curl hair cutting that addresses each curl pattern uniquely. Those familiar with curly hair will tell you that once it is 100% dry, it is quite different. When the hair is cut dry, the spring factor usually found in naturally curly hair changes and falls differently.

If you want to create volume, there is an added bonus known as the Deva Clipping technique. The stylist will apply Deva styling products or gel and thereafter use Deva clips to give body to the part of your hair at the crown.

What to Expect as a First Timer

If you are a first-time client at Curls Rock, the stylists will take time to educate you by walking you through the process as they practically handle others. They will teach you how to cleanse and style your curly hair so that when you go back home, you can repeat the process and style yourself.

When making an appointment, you will be asked to wear your curls as natural as possible. This means no ponytails, buns, braids, and little if any product. The hair should be detangled, defined, and without added extensions.

Upkeep and Cost

One of the outstanding benefits of DevaCuts is that they are a wash and go hairstyle. Immediately after your cut, styling becomes much simpler and your curly hair is given some time to dry. At Curly Rock salon, the stylists use Devafuser to speed up the drying process. It is therefore much simpler to maintain this hairstyle and occasionally you will have to visit the salon for maintenance.