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Different types of bracelets – Which one will you choose?


Bracelets are believed to be the most stylish accessories available in today’s world. They have been replacing common bangles that are worn by women in Indian culture for a long time. Bracelets have always been one of the primary options amongst girls and women when it is about what they will wear on their wrists. When picking up one for your hand, you should consider different kinds and know the one that will suit on various occasions. Check out some common types of bracelets women by young girls and ladies these days.


  • Bangle bracelet – This type of bracelet can be worn in multiples just like you wear bangles. They are quite similar to a ring that does not have an opening. They are believed to be one of the most flexible bracelets that can be assembled easily in different materials and colors. This bracelet can be worn by anyone and are very popular amongst women of all age-group.
  • Cuff bracelet – These fashion bracelets look just like the bangle ones that ends up almost one-third on the wrist and remains open at the end. This bracelet sits firmly on your wrist and is not flexible by nature.
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  • Leather bracelet – Leather bracelets are somewhat similar to cuff bracelets and made of leather. The young generation finds this bracelet to be very appealing. This bracelet is affordable in price and quite popular amongst young boys. Those who do not like metal jewelry may choose this bracelet and wear it on their wrist.
  • Beaded bracelet – Beaded bracelet is made of beads and objects like plastic beads, wooden beads, stones that are woven in an elastic thread. These bracelets can be made easily and are inexpensive in price. Common beaded bracelet consists of a ribbon strap or a lobster clasp while the costly ones have gemstones beaded in the thread.
  • Stretch bracelet – This type of bracelet is popular due to its feature of extreme flexibility. The bracelet stretches and clings to the wrist. The beads are usually woven on a flexible string and ended without a clasp.
  • Pearl bracelet – Pearl Bracelets are a great choice amongst women who have a good taste for antique jewelry. They can be found in various price ranges and look extremely eclectic. The best part about choosing this type of bracelet is that they can be worn alone and are a great way to hear compliment from others.
  • Gemstone bracelet – These fine bracelets admire any high-priced attire. These bracelets may have diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emerald or other gemstones alone or assembled together. Gemstones are available in extremely authentic price range and so, anyone can afford to purchase them.
  • Wristwatch bracelet – This is a basic bracelet that consists of a watch in between the strands or the charms. These are now becoming very popular amongst women due to its attractive look.

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These are some types of fashion bracelets that you should be aware of when buying one for yourself. Make sure you pick up the style that goes best on your wrist and you feel great wearing it for lifelong.

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