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Different Ways Men Could Wear Rings and Their Significance

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As far as high-fashion is concerned there are practically no boundaries. However, there exists a fine line that women and men must never cross. When it comes to rings, it is crucial to opt for models which are capable of enhancing your fashion sense. Signets, especially, could make the greatest impact and speak volumes about your personality, class, status and style. If chosen right signets could leave a positive impact. Thick bands seem to be the most suitable as they are massively masculine and immensely stylish. You could choose these with a fascinating engraving or you could get your bands personalized to give it a touch of innovation and uniqueness.

This is the era to make a style statement with your jewelry. Let your rings speak volumes about you and your fashion sense. Don’t be shy. When you wear the ring of your choice you would surely be oozing in confidence. Signets are sophisticated, cool, and stylish. The best signets feature fascinating designs. A signet would help you steal the show wherever you go. You could stand out from the rest if you wear one of these in an exclusive pattern. So if you are thinking of flaunting a ring purely to make a style statement (instead of simply a wedding ring), here are some traditional associations or significance of wearing rings on different fingers. Signets have actually been passed down generation to generation and now have incredible sentimental value. However, in this modern era, rings are worn as simply a fashion statement.

The Hand: The significance

There seems to be no precise rule regarding exactly which hand is supposed to be the right one for wearing rings. However, your engagement ring and the wedding ring are usually worn on the left ring finger. But this is also no hard and fast rule that has to be followed. Men who actually get married in any Eastern Orthodox Church would be wearing the wedding ring on the right hand’s ring finger. Men often do not follow the custom of wearing engagement rings and hence, there does not seem to be any established etiquette about wearing one. Usually, it is known that right-handed guys would be wearing rings on their left fingers, but wearing rings on right fingers is also acceptable. Each finger has a significance and style of its own. Let’s explore the hidden implications.

The Little Finger: The Implication

The little finger is actually the smallest finger and wearing an attractive ring on your little finger could be a wonderful decision if you are trying to flaunt a statement ring. This, however, seems to have no cultural or religious significance. The little finger is at the very end of your hand so it is the best place for displaying rings that would catch everyone’s attention effortlessly. Pinky fingers could display your statement rings and there are two chief advantages of doing that. There is no cultural and religious association with wearing pinky finger ring and the little finger never interferes with your pointer or index finger. The little finger is good at isolating the ring from the rest of your body, making it more prominent and attracting people’s attention easily. Pinky rings are supposed to come in some of the flashiest of patterns. You use this finger only when you have an exotic piece to show off to the world. People who tend to have an inclination toward palmistry or astrology-related symbolism would be associating the little finger mostly with persuasion and intelligence.

The Ring Finger/ Index Finger

Traditionally, it is believed that the wedding ring finger should actually be reserved exclusively for the wedding ring and no other ring. The rings could be of any style or design right from common gold bands to a sleek and innovative tungsten carbide rings. A uniquely decorative ring on your ring finger may not be considered to be your engagement or wedding ring while a simple metal band would automatically be regarded as a wedding ring. Symbolically, the fourth finger is ideally associated with romantic relationships. The fourth finger is related to the beauty, creativity, and Earth’s moon.

The Middle Finger

If you wear a really bulky ring on your middle finger, it is bound to hamper your everyday activities and would come in the way of efficient performance of manual tasks. The best rings you should consider wearing on this finger are supposed to be simple and smaller. Quite interestingly, it is noted that the middle finger is often chosen for the first-time wearers of rings. That is precisely, because it looks safe and very much manly. You should not consider wearing any bulky ring as that would come in the way of discharging fine manual tasks. It is a wise idea to keep your ring, small and delicate if you wish to flaunt them on your middle finger. The middle finger is symbolic of responsibility and balance. This finger is actually associated with Saturn. You could wear simple rings in gray metals such as tungsten and steel.

The Index Finger

It is pretty common not to wear any ring on this finger as a ring could hamper the proper functioning of this finger. Historically, though, this was regarded as the best finger, especially, for the signet. The index finger is now mostly recommended to flaunt your membership ring or class ring. This would be attracting a tremendous amount of attention. Wear a proper ring that would be transmitting the perfect personal message. So the index finger could certainly be the best finger to wear fraternal rings, class rings, membership or family crests though unmarried and younger guys opt to wear these on their ring fingers, instead. If you wish to flaunt an exotic ring, you could wear it on this finger as thanks to the fundamental manual dexterity the ring would be visible and catch everyone’s attention.

The Thumb

Wearing a ring on the thumb is not quite a popular idea in the Western world, but in some other cultures, wearing a ring on your thumb could be symbolic of power and wealth. The ring would be quite bulky and big demonstrating the wealth of the one wearing it. The thumb ring could be a major style statement if you consider leaving the rest of the fingers bare. Often men wear a ring on the thumb as they love to wear and show off multiple rings on the one and the same hand. Thumb gestures are linked to friendship and interaction. You could wear a chunky ring but not something that looks too expensive or gaudy. Keep it simple but bold.


The number of rings one should wear is again personal choice and there are no hard and fast rules about it.  It is a good idea to flaunt just one statement ring on your right or left hand. You could also wear either your engagement or wedding ring and stay away from any other rings to avoid the overcrowded look and for ease of movement of your fingers. Anyways, always remember that quality is far more important than quantity irrespective of what finger you are showcasing your rings.

Author Bio: Angelina Stewards is a jewelry designer who is mostly into designing men’s fashion and wedding rings. She has been recently promoting her unique creations mostly tungsten carbide rings. She is a blogger in her own right and enjoys posting interesting jewelry ideas for her fans.