Fashion and Beauty – Transitioning from Winter to Spring |

Fashion and Beauty – Transitioning from Winter to Spring

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It has been another long, cold winter, but the end is in sight and soon we will be enjoying longer, brighter days and a chance to wear some of the beautiful fashions for spring 2015 that are already starting to appear in the shops. Of course, in between the seasons always comes that period where you are never quite sure what to wear, as we transition from winter into spring. Some mornings it can be hard to predict whether the day will demand a big winter coat and boots or whether you will be sweltering in long sleeves, and introducing those beautiful spring colours when you have been living in wintry greys can seem like a challenge when the days are so unpredictable!

fashion trendz

Photo by Rosie Brazier
If you are looking forward to spring 2015 and its new trends, but are wondering how to get through the windy, changeable days of March, then here are some tips!


Really, the only way to beat the unpredictable weather is to choose items that are easy to layer, meaning you can adjust the outfit throughout the day and never find yourself regretting the choices you made when you got dressed in the morning. Cardigans are pretty much your best friend here, for wearing with dresses or skirts, as you can cover further with a coat and scarf if it is chilly or simply remove the cardigan if there is a sunny spell! If you want a more casual look, then zip up hoodies or layering with t-shirts over tank tops can give you an equally versatile outfit for the day.


Leggings give you a great way to start wearing more skirts and dresses while it still isn’t warm enough to go bare legged, but while thick winter tights don’t quite work (for example if you are going to start wearing some of springs paler blue and green hues, which really won’t look right with those 60 denier opaque tights from December!). Stock up on some cheap leggings in a range of colours, including some spring prints. If you were wearing leggings a lot during the winter, you simply need to start trading the winter boots for less heavy shoes, such as ballet pumps to bring the look through the transitional period.

Light Scarves

As winter shows signs of ending, switch out your chunky, woolly winter scarves for lighter spring alternatives in finer fabrics and more seasonal colours. This can be another great way to layer, and can also be a cost effective way to add a pop of spring colour to some of your lighter winter outfits. Leave scarves light and floaty rather than bundling yourself up in them, and consider styles you can wrap around your shoulders when you feel warm enough to go for straps or short sleeves.

The transitional weeks between seasons can be tricky from a fashion perspective, but all it takes is some slight modifications to your winter and spring styles to find flexible outfits that will keep you looking good and feeling comfortable until spring officially starts!

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