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Great Watch Gifts As Per Your Requirement Now


People have heard that it is impossible to take a watch as a gift, or give it as a gift. Why did the harmless device fall into “disgrace” and began to be considered, to put it mildly, an unwelcome presentation? Is it really?

Why not give a watch?

Incorrigible materialists can disregard the absurd prejudices and “grandmother’s tales”, but for some people they do have a certain power. After all, our thoughts are material, and if you believe in omens – they will surely come true. Prove or refute this statement is not possible – everyone decides for himself. But it seems reasonable not to present the watch to especially hypochondriac personalities. Why? And you read the known signs listed below. Only, please, do not panic much. With the My Gift Stop Men’s Watches the options have become much better now.

Signs about the clock

They clearly symbolize the transience of time, recalling that the life-time allocated to us on Earth inexorably becomes ever shorter.

  • For hours they do not endow spouses and loved ones, because such a gift can lead to separation.
  • They affect the life expectancy of the owner. While they are working, their owner can not worry about anything, but if they stop, serious health problems are coming up.
  • Also, if the chronometer began to lag (rush) or break, then close to “hiding” big trouble, which is ready to fall on your head at any time.
  • Still people are warned to present the gates because their arrows are sharp objects. And sharp things (knives , forks , razors , etc.) cannot be given, because they threaten the health of the owner.

If you want to present the watch as a gift, you can look at the situation, forgetting about superstitions. After all, this object has long ceased to be associated only with the passing of time. By giving someone a stylish watch, you give a push to the new beginnings of man and, perhaps, it is your present that will become for him a symbol of success for many years, and therefore will evoke pleasant memories.

Some people avoid giving a watch for a birthday or an anniversary, because they consider them a symbol of the impermanence of earthly existence, because arrows methodically count down the minutes before the death of a person. Certainly, such a cheerless background of the gift can spoil the mood of a superstitious birthday. Check our website for more now.

However, it is not superfluous to recall that the watch has always been on the list of valuable gifts. They are awarded especially distinguished in the army and present to subordinates as a reward. Sometimes the clock becomes a kind of family heirloom, passed on to the children from their parents. In all these cases, they are for their owner an object of special pride, and not a banal chronometer.