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Homemade BB Cream: how to work it

Homemade BB Cream how to work it

Develop a homemade BB Cream will give you the opportunity to care your face and remove blemishes in a very simple way. In fact, there are now many women include this product in your beauty routine. Do you also want to be part of your life? Then we suggest you to give life to a homemade BB Cream that allows you to have the skin hydrated and protected at all times and keep young for long.
Homemade BB Cream how to work it


Media tablespoon of your favorite makeup base. It is important to be as close as possible to your skin tone and that suits your skin type, whether dry, mixed, normal or oily

A spoonful of a moisturizer with sunscreen according to your skin

Half a teaspoon of concealer

Homemade BB Cream how to work it


  • Get a clean container to be closed completely and is suitable for storing your BB Cream home.
  • Pour within the foundation, moisturizer and concealer.
  • Remove all products with the help of a spoon to mix them best.
  • Already have BB Cream list your home! Now you just have to apply it on your face after you’ve cleaned your usual cleanser and tonic.
  • Al contain moisturizing cream foundation, this cosmetic will give you the opportunity to keep your skin hydrated while you bring him one touch of color and eliminate imperfections.
  • It is very important that you choose the cream contains sunscreen, as the sun brings stains, melanomas and premature aging.
  • You can use this BB Cream every day. Just remember to remove it before bed using a cleanser according to your skin type!