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Honey Facial Mask that is proper for All Skin Types


Honey facial mask is natural skin face care that can be used for all skin types. Having clean beauty is dream for all women. They always want to appear beauty in front of all people. With beautiful face woman can appear confidence and they will get couple whom they are want. I am a person who always cares about my skin, primarily face. I always use face mask which is natural. Do you know that I use face mask from honey every two weeks?

Honey is good for Body skin and Face

I always use face mask from honey because it ingredient is natural and easy to be gotten. Honey is good for skin and body where honey is used in food, beverage, make-up kit products, and medicine. Honey is functioned to increase immune body and warming up body. For skin, honey can make my skin smooth and keep it moist. Honey is also easy to be gotten. I usually buy pure honey to the beekeepers which low price then I make the mask by myself.

Recipe to Make Face Mask from Honey

There are two types of face mask that is made from honey. First is mask for dry skin or flaky skin. I only need a raw egg and one table spoon of honey. Then, I quite mix all eggs with honey. After that, I stir it and I spread mask to my face. I must waiting until the mask dry about 15-20 minutes. The last, I wash my face with tepid water to loose fishy smell from the egg.

The second is face mask from honey that is made from acne. I know that acne can disturb our appearance. Moreover that people puss their acne will emerge black acne spot. When I have much acne on my face, I use this mask regularly. It is easier to be made than facial mask for dry skin. I only need a spoon of pure honey and I apply it in my face. After 15 minutes, I wash my face with warm water where I use it regularly every two weeks. Then, for pimples, I spread pure honey in the pimples and I cover with bandage. This natural ingredient can loss my face skin problem fast and easy.

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