How to Eventually Find the Perfect Hairdresser |

How to Eventually Find the Perfect Hairdresser


The perfect hairdresser is very difficult to find. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another, so that person your best friend has been going to for years might be as far away from your ideal hairdresser as you can imagine. It can sometimes feel like you’ve been looking for years for that one hairdresser that will be perfect for you and can do exactly what you want every time you need it. From a simple blow dry to an up-do or completely new look, finding the right person for the job can be tough.

Try different places

Many of us stick with one salon or one person even if we’re not 100% happy with what they do to our hair. It’s important to try out different places in order to experiment and find the person who can do what you want. Don’t be afraid of offending your current hairdresser or upsetting somebody else along the way – this is all about getting what you want from a stylist who can provide it.

Be open and communicate

If you’re not happy with the finished product, it could be partly your fault too. Many people don’t like to speak up and communicate if something is going wrong, mainly because they’re worried about hurting people’s feelings or causing offence. Rather than trying to avoid awkward situations, speak up when you feel like something isn’t going right or if the hairdresser isn’t doing quite what you wanted. You’re paying for the treatment, after all, so it should be exactly what you want.

Ask around

Don’t take everybody’s word for it without trying it out for yourself, but you can get some great recommendations for a good Greenvale hairdresser simply by asking around and seeing where other people go for their hair treatments. Not only will this give you more places to try out, but hearing first-hand what particular salons are like from somebody you know can help you to make a decision about where to go next.


Check they provide the services you need

If you want to have regular conditioning treatments, you need to make sure that the hairdresser provides this service. Are they available at short notice and during times of the day that you might need them, e.g. after work or at the weekends? Do they travel to your home if necessary? There are many things besides skill, which make a person the perfect hairdresser for a particular client. If you have your hair regularly coloured, are they able to provide the exact service that you like, complete with toners and other products, which you need? These are questions, which you can ask before booking yourself in for an appointment.


Find a hairdresser you get along with

Hairdressers are well known for chatting to their clients during hair treatments, so if you enjoy this, a chatty stylist will be ideal. However, some hairdressers don’t tend to make conversation, making the experience boring, awkward or tedious for the customer. Getting along with your hairdresser can make your hair care experiences a lot better, so look for a good personality too.