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How To Find Your Perfect Engagement And Wedding Rings

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When it’s time to start thinking about wedding bells you may also want to know what you are looking for in the ring department. You not only need a couple rings, but you want to make sure that what you are picking works for your personality and style. Once upon a time it may have seemed like the only options for wedding and engagement rings was gold with diamonds. Now you can get black diamonds, and pink diamonds, and you have options of things like white gold or even sterling silver.

Start With Your Preferences

When you start shopping for wedding rings and engagement rings, you want to know the style you prefer. Maybe you want something small and simple, or maybe you want something large that no one will miss. Karat, cut, and more go into the choice you make on your gem, and not everyone wants a diamond ring either.

Do you prefer gold or silver? If you like the color of silver, but you want a gold ring, you have white gold as an option. Women that prefer black can get black gold or even black plated sterling silver.  The options are seriously unlimited.

What Are Your Favorite Colors?

Before you pick your ring, or your gemstone, consider the colors you prefer and wear on a regular basis. I you like to wear a lot of black you could get away with any color of gem, but maybe you prefer a black gold ring or a black diamond. If you have a particular favorite color you may want a gemstone in that color, like ruby for red or emerald for green.

If you have paler skin you may find that silver looks better on you. However, you can pick whatever band color that attracts you. It’s all about what makes you happy and makes you love your ring of choice.

Helping Him Make The Right Choice

If you want to be more traditional and have your guy go pick your engagement ring, make sure you’ve given him some ideas so you aren’t disappointed. You can show him pictures or just talk to him about your favorite colors and preferences as to particular gems.

Some women even opt for vintage or antique rings. This is a great way to get something unique for someone that is unique, and it’s a great way to ensure there won’t be other brides wearing the same ring as you.

Don’t expect to get the ring of your dreams if you aren’t willing to at least drop some hints here and there to let your guy know what you are looking for. Tell him what styles and colors you prefer, or even offer to go with him and pick your top five favorites. But give him the options of picking one so it’s even more special.

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