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How to Pick the Best Nude Lipstick


As you near the end of your masters in healthcare law at Hofstra Law you may be starting to think about your future career wardrobe and beauty essentials. One thing you’ll definitely want to include in your beauty arsenal is the perfect nude lipstick. A nude lipstick can take you from an interview, to the workplace, to drinks after work, looking professional and appropriate in each setting. It’s the perfect touch to just about any makeup look, as long as you’ve picked the right nude for you.

Here’s the thing, a “nude” lipstick isn’t just one universal color that works on everyone. Instead, it’s a bit complex, which can make it tricky to find that perfect nude lipstick. As you head out in search of the right shade, these are some tips you can keep in mind.

It’s All About Your Skin Tone

The most important rule when it comes to picking a nude lip color is to match it up to your skin tone. Forget about the colors you are wearing on your face, your clothing, or hair, your skin tone is what determines the best shade for you. Once you understand this fact, it will be much easier to shop.

If you have alabaster or porcelain skin, the fairest of fair, then you will do best in something that is a bit sheer. Anything too thick and opaque will be too heavy against your skin, and won’t come off as a “nude”. Think true beige shades.

For those who are fair, you can do something with a bit more depth. Rose tone beige is often the best way to go. You don’t have to do something as sheer, but you still may not want to go with a fully opaque lipstick.

Light to medium skin toned ladies have a bit more to choose from when it comes to nudes. You can opt for a beige, pink, or peach nude depending on your skin’s undertone. Opaque nudes tend to work well on these skin tones.

Those with olive skin tones will do well with beige that has a touch of caramel to it. Be careful not to go for something that comes off too brown, as it won’t look like a nude. Something that is a bit deeper in color will be necessary though, so your lips don’t end up lighter than your skin.

For dark skin tones rosy-pink mauves look fabulous, as do true nudes that have gold, silver, caramel, or rose built into them. Again, make sure your lips actually show up.

Another Trick

If you’re a bit confused about skin tones, another trick is to match the nude up to your lip color. What you’ll want to do is purse your lips together, which will make them a bit darker. The end result is the color you’ll want to achieve with your “nude” lipstick.

Show Off Your Lips

After you find that perfect nude lipstick you can put your focus back into your MA in healthcare so that you can head into that job interview, and then your first day on the job, looking polished and professional.

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