How to Resize Your Photos From Your Personal Photo Shoot |

How to Resize Your Photos From Your Personal Photo Shoot

professional quality image of yourself that you can use for whatever purpose. Although pretty much everyone with a smartphone is an amateur photographer nowadays, there’s still a marked difference between that and what a professional photographer can do when they’re controlling the lighting, composition, and exposure of the shot.

The only problem that many people have is that despite having some great photos from a personal photo shoot – they may not be the right size. After all, if you’re going to be using these photos in a variety of different places, undoubtedly the size requirements will differ.

Considering you probably don’t want to go back to the photography studio every time you need a different size – it would be a good idea to know how to resize your photos quickly and without any loss of quality.

The Easiest Way to Resize Photos

In order to resize photos, you’re going to need software that allows you to do so. While there are several options out there the one that stands out from all the rest is the Movavi Photo Batch.

By using it, all you need to do to resize image is:

  1. Add the files (or folders) that you want to resize
  2. Click the resize option
  3. Choose the new size either as a percentage of the old size or a fixed value
  4. Start the process

Part of the reason why the software is so powerful is that it is able to resize numerous photos in a batch process – so you could just load all the photos from your personal photoshoot and shrink them all to whatever size you need them to be.

It also comes with a ton of other options to convert, enhance, rename, rotate, and adjust photos so that they look just the way you want them.

Long story short – if you want to resize photos, this is the tool that you should be looking at to get the job done. By being exceedingly user-friendly, it will ensure that you’re able to quickly come to grips with how to use it, and from there you’ll have access to all of its powerful features so you can manipulate your photos until they are the right size, shape, and have the best look.