Inking that nail of yours – The manicure way |

Inking that nail of yours – The manicure way

candy manicure

Nail polish colors and fashion will come and go, but the manicure is here to stay for ever. It is one style that never goes out of fashion, be it the classic one or the designs that were devised more recently. This is one of the simplest forms of nail arts, which takes only a few minutes of application and looks oh so elegant! The requirements are minimum, but the outcome is more than just beautiful. And almost any style of manicure works for any occasion, any place, any time. You need only a few items for inking a new manicure style – a base/top coat, any shade of nail lacquer and a sticky tape. Getting these products is pretty easy and lighter on your pocket as well. Avail the coupons on GrabOn beauty products to get all these items on a discount.


Latest manicure styles


Here are some manicure tricks or rather styles that you can try on your own at home:


  1. The bling tip manicure – The bling tip manicure is a new way to jazz up the manicure look. It is one of the easiest styles. You simply need to replace the white nail color with that of a blingy one. Apply base coat on your nails. Let it dry and then paint the tips perfect with a gold bling nail paint or any other bling based colors. Let this dry again and apply a top coat. And yes, the nude nails can be replaced with lighter nail colors.


Source: Ode Boutique


  1. The reverse manicure – For the namesake is what this manicure style is all about. Reverse the classic manicure style! Apply base coat, let it dry, apply the nail colour at the base of your nails in thin lines, just like the real manicure. Let it dry and again apply a top coat, and you are done.

reverse manicure

Source: Pinterest


  1. The middle it manicure – This is when the manciure tips are brought to the middle. A fun way to do the manciure. This style is pretty easy as well. You need to nail colors for creating this look. Once the base coat dries off properly, draw a straight line as thick as that of any manciure style in the middle of the nail, horizontally. Once that dries, draw another with the other color just below or above it, so that it touches the previous one, but doesn’t overlap. Apply top coat in the end. You can try this with any colors.

middle it manicure

Source: Harpersbazaar


  1. The popping manicure – Get some pop nail paints and replace the white manciure tip with these. A completely girly, wacky and fun way to stand out in the crowd. However, don’t go overboard with the colors, or else it would look to OTT!

popping manicure

Source: Buzzfeed


  1. The candy manicure – Be it the classic one, the reverse style or the moon style manicure, replace white or any other lighter colors with candy colored nail paints. That would way too cute. You can try this manicure style when out with your gal gang!

candy manicure

Source: Basement Clothes


So, here are few of the off-beat manicure styles that are highly in fashion now. Few tips that I wanted to add so that you could ink a perfect manicure are use any sticky tape, preferably a scotch tape to get perfect lines, both base and top coats are necessary for easy application and lifespan of the nail art and don’t follow trends blindly. Get your own style. And yes, as I said before, you can get all the goodies on discount via GrabOn. You simply need to grab a coupon code and use it on the beauty shopping portal during checkout. Nice, isn’t it?


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