Know all about stubborn fat around thighs, abdomen, buttocks and other areas |

Know all about stubborn fat around thighs, abdomen, buttocks and other areas

When it comes to fat deposit in body there are certain areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms which are more problematic and stubborn to reduce compared to other areas. The fat cells in these areas are very resistant to diet and exercise and thus become a major concern for many. If you too face this problem then before looking for a means to reduce the fat, you should know what these fat cells are and why are they are so stubborn. Complete information on these stubborn fat cells is given below.

Know the biochemistry:

In order to deal with these fat cells we first need to know their bio chemistry. Entering and leaving of fat from the fat cells is mainly dependent on two enzymes- LPL (lipoprotein lipase) which stores the fat and HSL (hormone sensitive lipase) which work to release the fat.

The fat is released by the HSL through signaling of compound known as cyclic AMP which gets impacted by the adrenergic receptors which is a hormone receptor present in the fat tissue. When talking about adrenergic receptors (AR) there are basically of two types including Alpha AR and Beta AR for slow fat release and fast fat release respectively. Along with fat release, these receptors also have an impact on the flow of blood which means that if there is more beta AR, there will be more flow of blood to the area.

Relation between hormones and stubborn fat:

Losing and gaining fat is affected by calories and hormones. As compared to other fats, the ones which are stubborn are more impacted by the hormones. Fat storing hormones increase activity of the LPL and Alpha receptors while the hormones that help in fat stimulation increases the activity of HSL and beta receptors. Thus it can be said that stubborn fat has more of alpha receptors and less of beta receptors.

Know the fat burning process:

The fat burning process starts with releasing of the fat from the fat cells and this process is known as lipolysis. The fat needs to be moved to other cells through blood and thus poor flow of blood means slow fat loss from the area. Another important term in fat reduction is lipid oxidation which means that in order to burn the fat; it needs to enter another cell. Thus it is not only important for the fat to be broken down but also the moving to another cell for burning is equally important.

Ways to reduce stubborn fat:

There are several ways people chose to reduce stubborn fat like regular and high intensity workouts targeting specific areas, well balanced diet, the use of machines, or belts, and surgical ways like liposuction, tummy tucks and others. Along with these traditional methods there is a new innovative product from FreezeAwayFat called Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts. Cool Shapes uses the science of cold therapy. Research has found that white fat cells the kind we do not want are compromise and flushed out through the body at cold temperatures, also brown fat the kind we want burns more calories when exposed to cold. These contouring shorts come with insert gels, are easy to use and effective for reducing belly fat, love handles, and thigh fat.

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