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Looking Picture Perfect On Your First Date


Most people want to impress on a first date, or at least make Mr. or Miss Wrong wish you were still interested after the first date because you were looking so good. While you don’t need to get him (or her) into bed on the first date, you do want make them want you that way, just in case you really do hit it off.

In order to make that great first impression, you want to do what you can to both look and smell good. So, here are some tips, for men and women, to make a great first date first impression, and look picture perfect.

Take A Shower

It’s important to make a clean first impression. Hopefully you are the type of person that showers on a regular basis, but even if you aren’t it’s a good idea to shower the day of your date. You don’t want to turn them off the moment you walk in the room, and it makes hugging more comfortable.

Importance Of Smelling Good

While showering is the first step in smelling good for a date, you also want to make sure that you wear deoderant of some kind. You might even want to put on some clean clothes, rather than rooting through your dirty clothes basket.

Smelling good also means brushing your teeth. You may or may not get a kiss goodnight, at least try to have a cleaner mouth for it.

The Right Clothing

Clothing is kind of subjective when it comes to wearing the right thing for a date. You don’t need to hide your assets if you are the type of person that normally likes to show them off. Don’t try to be something you’re not on your first date, that can make you more of a nervous wreck if you do.

The right clothing kind of means the right clothing for the plans. If you are going to a fancy restaurant, dress fancy. If you are going to a batting range, wear jeans and a tshirt. If you are just going to a sit down restaurant and a movie, dress like your normal casual self.

The Right Look

Having the right all over look is basically the same. You want to show your date the real you, rather than have them get interested in someone you’re not. This means not just wearing your normal wardrobe clothing, but doing your hair the same as you normally do, and for women your makeup. Of course, maybe you’re the type of guy that wears eyeliner.

You want to look the part for what your date is about as well. If you’re going to a club night to dance, why not have fun and look like a club kid. If you’re going to a fancy dinner, put your hair up and wear your fancier perfume. Have fun and you’ll have a better date, guaranteed.

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