Make up tips for your next party |

Make up tips for your next party

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Now that much awaited party invitation has finally arrived! You have already sorted on that glamorous dress to flaunt your curves, but the look would be incomplete if in case you have missed on considering the make up to enhance your look and make yourself a complete package!!! If you thought buying cosmetics is expensive then you have been wrong. Try using Nykaa Coupons to get what you love at an affordable price.

Make up if done right can make your look stand apart and of course if there are flaws, the look can make you itch for many several more occasions to come for that matter. Party make up is supposed to be subtle, while you can miss to catch upon the drama, for sure. You would in any case need to highlight your features, add that much required sparkle to your look and personality for that matter.

Parties are evidently a close affair and people, around you, actually get to observe the way you look, how your hair are done, particularly with a closer vision. Therefore is becomes almost indispensible to include the best trick and hacks to create unique and attractive looks, for your next party.

You need to make sure to match your make up, well in advance with your dress that you would adorn at the party. Without doubt the base remains same for parties, while you need to pay attention on the eye colors and the lip palate to match the dress. A little bit of a planning would make you stand out and looks imply stunning, while you’ll surely have eyes rolling upon you.

Now that you have your dress ready, and make up products in place, read further to know some basic and easy to follow hacks and tricks to create a looks that is simply superb:

Prepare your skin for the make up

Post to washing your face with a mild face wash; apply a good moisturizer, as per your skin type. If in case you tend to have an oily skin, a primer would work best. This prepares your skin to hold the base make up, which is certainly important for a fresh look at the party. This step can be done around 10-15 minutes before you start applying the rest of the makeup.

Create that fabulous Base

A base, like the word is predefined offers an ideal platform that holds the makeup, hereby making you look flawless and radiant. Opt for an ideal match of foundation, opt for a color closest to your own skin, as you don’t want to looks artificially fair for sure. Ensure to apply the foundation with a brush or sponge for an even application and also, don’t forget the neck area too.

Concealer is your true best friend

No matter you otherwise have a clear skin, opt for a good concealer to clear a look at simply is radiant and spotless. Put some amount on any marks, zits etc, but don’t go overboard in this step. Dab the concealer in a V-shape and simply dab with fingers, instead of blending.

It’s in your eyes

The eyes are the window to your soul. They need proper attention and if in case you follow the right steps, you can actually look out of the world, for sure. Make sure to create that perfect look by sculpting in the right colors, blended well, add a dash of some glitter, either gold or silver, as per your dress. Use a gel liner to line the upper lid, lower lid and also include the eyebrows for makeup.

Luscious Lips

To complete the perfect party look, include a true match of a lip color. Line them with a matching liner, ensure to work close to your original lip shape and fill in the lipstick along with a brush. This will ensure to give you that perfect pout that would stand out at the party!

Stay glamorous and work your charisma at the party!