Makeup Tips for a perfect face |

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Implementing these makeup tips you can boast an enviable complexion in minutes

In Cheats homemade beauty want to put you several tips makeup so you can show off a perfect face.

Some tips ideal for enhancing the beauty of the skin which also are the most simple and do not require large outlays.

Making use of makeup tips you’ll find then have the opportunity to correct imperfections, embellish your look, hide dark circles or get the lipstick last longer, among many other things!

What do you expect to find these easy, practical and simple makeup tips?

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Clean and moisturized

If you want a perfect makeup, you need to have perfect skin.

To prepare your dermis before make up, remember to clean it with a gel or cleanser according to your skin type, whether dry, mixed, normal or oily.

Then applies an alcohol free toner and moisturizer.

Wait a few minutes to dry. Are you ready to start your makeup!

A prebase makeup or first

The makeup prebases serve to get fixed in cosmetic skin and remain intact for hours. Fundamental within the world of makeup tips!

You can buy them at any store of beauty products for both face to the eyelids.

If you have oily skin, prebases also help you reduce excess sebum.

Benefits of prebase makeup:

  • Get your makeup last longer.
  • Reduces glare and excess fat.
  • Sets makeup.

Green concealer to hide pimples

While plugging causes pimples can not breathe or disappear, camouflage can be a good solution in a precise moment.

To avoid that look, spread a small amount of green concealer on them.

Then apply your foundation. Will not be no trace of pimples!

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Benefits of green concealer:

Hidden grains.

It is ideal for removing imperfections in a special event or point in time.

Choosing the perfect pitch

When choosing your foundation, make sure that this has a hue as accurate as possible to the color of your skin.

Otherwise, you’ll get an artificial effect and very unnatural.

Rinse foundation

You have a foundation that you love but is a little dark for you? To clarify, mix with a little talcum powder and apply on the face like you do regularly.

Correct application of foundation

Knowing how to apply foundation makeup correctly is one of the makeup tips essential for any woman.

When extend it, use an appropriate brush for this type of product and apply it on the center of the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Then extend the base with the help of the brush from the center outwards from ingress gobs and paying special attention to the nostrils and the line between the face of the scalp.

If you wish, you can remove excess product passing a makeup sponge.

Benefits of applying foundation by following these steps:

  • You’ll get an even result.
  • You get a professional finish.
  • Your skin will look nice and free of imperfections.

The concealer

Whether you have dark circles like you want to give light to the eyes, concealer is a must in your makeup tips.

Remember to apply under the eyes and around the lips to cover blemishes and imperfections.

Spread it with soft touches to avoid damaging the delicate skin bordering these areas.

Benefits concealer:

  • It covers blemishes and dark circles.
  • It gives light to the eyes.
  • If applied after the foundation, filled the eyes of a beautiful glow.

A little more light

Although the concealer is able to give light to the eyes, the illuminators are also great for shine.

The more comfortable the illuminating powder. When applying, place the product on the upper area of the cheekbones, the bone of the nose and chin.

Remember not to use too much if you do not want your skin glow in excess.

Benefits illuminating powders:

  • They provide a nice touch of light to the face.
  • They are great for special events.
  • They are very easy to apply.

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Infinite tabs

Having a long eyelashes is the dream of many women.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
  • Extend mascara a zigzag motion from root to tip.
  • Place a small amount of talcum powder on the tip of the lashes.

Reapply mascara.

A Natural trick perfect for lengthening eyelashes that could not miss in this list of tips makeup!

Remove traces of mascara with a cotton swab

If you go overboard and stains your face with mascara, waiting for it to dry.

Then I remove it by soaking a cotton ear in eye makeup remover.

Spend the swab gently over the areas that have been spotted. The mascara will disappear soon!

Lasting lipstick

Want to boast a perfect lipstick for hours? Follow these steps!

  • Means an eye shadow the same color as the lipstick on the mouth.
  • Apply color using a brush.
  • Remove excess product “kissing” a tissue.
  • Back to up the lips as index in step 2.

And if you want the color to shine more than ever, extends a few drops of olive oil on the mouth. The hidrataras and brightness will fill naturally!

Perfect eyebrows with Vaseline

If your eyebrows tend to muss, put a bit of petrolatum on the hairs. They only be quiet!

Blush high cheekbone area

Makeup Tips for a perfect face

Having a prominent cheekbones is something that many women want.

To confer on that aspect, extending blush on the cheekbones uptown from majillas towards the temples.

Smaller nose with bronzing powder

Want to boast a tiny upturned nose? With these makeup tips you get!

Just follow the trick beauty Beyonce and spread a small amount of po LVOS bronzers in the nostrils, on the sides. It will look much thinner!

No shiny skin

Give the finishing touch to your makeup applied with a broad brush, translucent loose powder all over the face. The result will be spectacular!

Benefits of loose powder:

  • Suppress flare.
  • Make the makeup stays in perfect condition for longer.
  • Not provide colored translucent and therefore do not alter the makeup.
  • What do you think about these makeup tips to show off a perfect face?

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