Modern Men: Famous Faces Who Have Had Stunning Cosmetic Procedures |

Modern Men: Famous Faces Who Have Had Stunning Cosmetic Procedures

There are some famous faces that simply refuse to change with age and there is a really good reason for this.

Much as we would like to think that some celebrities had found the secret to eternal youth and were leading the sort of lifestyle that totally preserved their body in its youthful state, the more plausible explanation is that they have resources like KR bookmarked.

Here is a look at how some famous male faces have managed to retain their iconic looks.

Simon Cowell

Whilst this man is more used to judging others and trying to unearth hidden talents, you may also want to judge for yourself how he seems to be avoiding the normal signs of ageing that most of us experience.

It seems that Simon Cowell is a big ban of Botox injections, which is certainly a good reason why there are more lines in one of his show scripts than on his face.

Sylvester Stallone

This actor has stayed in the limelight for far longer than his alter-ego’s Rocky and Rambo survived and despite the fact that he is now more than old enough to reside in a retirement village, he is still more likely to be tackling villains with his seemingly timeless face.

In fairness to Stallone, he does seem to take his commitment to maintaining a great looking body very seriously and his chiseled features and muscle tone are a compliment to his work ethic in the gym, but he has also had some cosmetic help along the way in certain areas.

It seems that Stallone went gung-ho in true Rambo style when it comes to totting up the work he has had done and he is understood to have had his eyebrows lifted, changed his jaw line and Botox will certainly have played a starring role in maintaining his youthful appearance despite the advancing years.

Paul Stanley

Considering that Paul Stanley has been an integral part of the rock band Kiss and spent many decades hiding behind some iconic black and white makeup, he probably wasn’t expecting anyone to notice that he has had some work done.

Now that the makeup has gone and Paul Stanley is still touring in his sixties, the rocker opted to defy time with a number of different procedures including a face and brow lift, eyelid tightening and rhinoplasty as well as lip augmentation.

Jermaine Jackson

You only have to mention the Jackson family and plastic surgery in the same sentence and everyone will immediately recall the work that Michael Jackson had over the years.

Jermain Jackson is the older brother of the late King of Pop and whilst his younger brother was always in the headlines during his life and beyond, Jermaine also went under the knife for a number of different procedures.

Jermain Jackson actually got a nose job like his younger brother and also had some skin alterations, something he is apparently more than happy to admit to.

There are plenty of famous faces who have either altered their appearance or attempted to combat the sands of time and no doubt plenty more will try to maintain the looks that earned them their fame and fortune.

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