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Points to remember before buying Korean cosmetic products – Be a pro shopper

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Before you purchase any cosmetic product, you always need to keep few points in mind, specifically when you’re trying to buy them online. You actually don’t see the product when you buy it online and the e-commerce websites know it very well how to attract greedy customers who are cosmetic-buffs. They can attract you with the best possible picture of the cosmetic which is much different from its reality and soon you will find after delivery of the product that it is nothing like what you had seen online. Well, there are certain things that you need to take into account before buying K-beauty cosmetics. What are they? Here are some vital essentials to consider.

  • Utilize the knowledge of the salesmen: When you visit Korean cosmetic counters, you will find salespeople waiting to serve you. They’re usually well-trained as long as makeup products are considered. Make sure you ask questions to the salespeople and the difference between a particular brand’s liquid foundation and its powder. Which serum should they be using for their skin texture and enquire about the opinion about the lip color that they should try.
  • Make a friend accompany you who’s honest: You should always make a friend accompany you while buying Korean beauty products and ensure she’s honest enough to give you an opinion. If you go alone, you won’t know how a color suits you or whether it looks good on you. Judge whether a product is far too costly for your budget. If she’s your best friend, she can ensure you invest money in the best products.
  • Utilize your smartphone while inside the store: Firstly, you should use your smartphone when you look for a product review so that you may know what the other buyers have to say about it. There are high chances that you will find out how good or bad the product is immediately while standing there at the store. Secondly, you can also search whether there is some other Korean dealer who offers discounted rates on the same product.
  • Know about the ingredients: When it comes to skin care beauty products of Korea, you should know what constitutes the products. Unless you’re sure about the ingredients, you can’t make a wise choice. If you got dry skin, you should never use benzoyl peroxide as it causes immense dryness and also works wonders for people having acne.
  • Visit the store without makeup: Another point to keep in mind is to visit the store without makeup so that you can test the cosmetics there at the counter. Making a decision of buying cosmetic products becomes easier when you test them. Ensure using different applicators for everything so that there is no reason to give way to bacteria.

So, when you’re at the cosmetic store in Korea trying to buy cosmetics, you should always keep the above mentioned factors in mind so that you don’t buy duplicate or non-branded things. Do your homework before visiting cosmetic stores.

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