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Reasons why it is great to have curly hair


Recently, something wonderful happened in my life and I want to shout from the top of a mountain. I want Tweet *, publish on Instagram, do it my Facebook status and make a video came about the same. No, I’m not pregnant and I got my dream job. No, me neither I joined a cult. What happened was that I accepted my curls. I decided I are great. The curls are great!

This level of acceptance of curls is something that happened to me recently. It was not always so. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Japanese straightening treatments and smoothed Brazilian cocoa. I burned my neck hair irons and I paid six times what they pay my friends at the salon. I used 75 different products in my hair and I left hoping to stay dry bright with soft waves, and then I cried when the result was a curly cord.

Those days are already behind. From now on, I accepted my hair. . And you sister’s curly hair, so should I present 12 reasons why it is great to have curly hair:

  1. It is easy to find in a crowd: You could be lost in a crowd of people at Disneyland and your group could still find you. You can not miss. Believe me, I’ve tried.
  2. 2. Sometimes kids will look at you and your curls like you are the Queen: The last July 4 came up with this and it was great. A little girl looked at me and then looked her straight hair and then at me and then her hair while smiling.
  3. Sleek hair means curls make: When you are fulfilling your duty as a bridesmaid, your hair is already “smart” so you’ll spend the minimum to be sitting in the salon and the maximum time to “make sure the wine tastes good” time.
  4. Curly hair you have no need of sleep or caffeine as you look alert: Go get ’em, tiger! Converts this yawning in a roar!
  5. Curly hair is equivalent to a great personality: You can try to be coy with curly hair, but people think you’re daring and accessible so you lose nothing to be bold and accessible.
  6. Use your curly hair feels like rebelling: Oh yeah, look, you’re a rebel all. Congratulations, small maldadosa.
  7. You can dress like the lead singer of a band of 80 anytime: All you need are petty, some hairspray and eyeliner.
  8. Who needs a queue to get a bun? You can become ribbons with your great and wonderful hair, bold enough, without the help of a stupid donut sponge. And, do not need help make it look messy artistically either.
  9. The curly hair is the perfect distraction for what you want: Serve to hide what they want. The bags under your eyes, pimples on your cheek that appear just before your menstrual cycle hoops you hate but you use anyway because your aunt gave and see for lunch.
  1. When going on vacation to an island, you can let your hair dry naturally and arrive early at the bar: Take curly hair products while your friends are still drying, straightening, curling and throwing her hair lacquer.
  1. Have a wonderful natural hair and you looked beautiful with it: For real. You’re beautiful. I want to hug you. Come here. Not here. Where are you going? Returns!
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